Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Pixie Dust Miniatures - Caroline

Later this evening i will do further posts covering other sellers on etsy. Got to go make tea now! If you would like to be included you can say so in a comment, or email. I know Glenda from peppercorn minis has asked me to post but unsure about anyone else. No rush if you are reading this a day later, i'll just create further posts.
Nikki xxx

Caroline from and and
makes the most beautiful miniatures which are available in her etsy shops. Please note Caroline has two shops and here is the first:
Here's a few examples of the most beautiful Halloween treats. I really love Carolines work and these look delicious. I also love the photography and atmosphere created!

Here's a link to Carolines's other shop called Pixie Dust Miniatures:
Some absolutely fantastic mini's are available here, the quality of the work is outstanding and again i love the photography and atmosphere in each setting.

Here's Caroline looking absolutely stunning in her fairy outfit. On Carolines carohomecrafts blog you can watch a you tube video how the outfit was made.
Got to say i wish i looked this good in my own craft room. I normally have coffee rings up my cheeks, unbrushed hair and my pj's from the night before. Oh to be Glam!
Beautiful outfit and lovely lady too!


  1. They are all lovely Nikki. I like those candles though very unique.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxx

  2. She really is a lovely lady Nikki I agree! I have been lucky enough to buy some of Carolines beautiful miniatures for my houses and Lolas, and we are both delighted with everything, its made to the highest of standards! Very helpful and kind lady too! Kate xx

  3. Those warty toads are cute lil guys. The cake is great! I wish I had a slice :)

  4. I drool at her Etsy shop often enough..

    Feel free to add my shop, I do have a section there just for witchy things :D

  5. Very cool blog. Thanks for sharing your works. Following and looking forward to more.

  6. Hi Nikki! I love her Etsy shops... I've been in there several times looking around:) And I know excatly what you mean about her photography! Stunning, huh!!

    So..... What are U working on?? Hmmm??? :)

  7. Lovely mini's, I have a warty cane toad and pumpkin too in Gerrie's cottage xxx

    Nicki, I would love it if you wanted to show some of our bits and pieces too xxxxx

    Julia xxx

  8. wonderfull blog....
    You are free to see my Anne Frank's blog of nice vintage France poster, map and stamps rubber

  9. You sure do have an amazing talent!

  10. Nikki, you are TOO kind! Compliments from you mean so much! I've emailed you to your personal email about sending a little mini your way. :) C x

  11. Wow totally spooky I have just received an email from her and she is here on your blog :-) i totally love her toads, I am off to her shop ;-) tee hee!

  12. Nice toads, kind of scary:anyway Great work. Lots of sweat have been put in! :) -make your own article or share some hot news

  13. these are so precious! My mother and grandmother is tripping out because i'm decorating my kitchen in orange and black, and with pumpkins. lol. i would love to order some of these pumpkins in the near future :)


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