Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Glenda, Julia, Susanna and Katies Etsy shops!

I'm a bit late posting as promised. Had my laptop pinched by the boys to do their homework last night.
Tomorrow i will show some minis I've been working on myself this week. Included is my last batch of pumpkins for a little while. I've made some much bigger than my normal for a pumpkin patch and also a few more pots with cloth tops, leaves etc.
Also some new little potion bottles i need to make labels for and hoping they are done in the morning... fingers crossed!
Last week i didn't get much done because of my sore hand so haven't really achieved much! Got to work on being such a snail!

Here are four fab ladies each with an etsy shop and each with some beautiful Witch/Wizard minis.

Glenda at has some wonderful miniatures that can be used for witches but also for a variety of other doll houses. I really love the little money pouches in her shop at the moment and the baskets are fantastic too.
I love the colours Glenda uses in everything she makes!
Glenda is from New Zealand.
Here's Glenda's etsy shop:

Julia at a mixed variety of witch miniatures in her etsy shop. Here is the link:
Julia creates many of the creations alone but also joins forces with her husband for some of the items like the new range of beautiful furniture available at the moment.
Julia makes the most fantastic little cushions all hand stitched and stitched pictures in frames of owls and other Halloween/witch based minis.
I think the new range of rustic furniture can also be made to order.
Julia is UK based.

Susanna at
has some brilliant witch miniatures in her etsy shop, here is the link:
I love the siamese twin pumpkins and the idea of them being joined!!! Susanna is from Helsinki, Finland.

Katie at has done so well in the last few weeks with her new etsy shop. So pleased for her! She hasnt asked me to post about her shop but thought i would because she has more fab new itesm available there. I love her blog posts and the enthusiasm she always shows and her work is so beautiful!
Heres Katie's shop:
Katie is from the United States.


  1. everything's just so cute! i like them :)

  2. Beautiful Minis! I love all of these shops.

    Victoria ♥

  3. wow this site is friggin' awesome! so glad i found it.

  4. Hi Nikki! Thank you for the wonderful comments:) It means a lot coming from someone so talented as you!!

    I'm loving those books that Glenda has made... and her money pouches! How smart! And Julia's new furniture is amazing! I love anything that has been aged:) Susanna's siamese twin pumpkins are too fun, huh! I love seeing all the different things that people come up with. Can't wait to see what you've been working on:)

    Thanks again:)

  5. You are so sweet posting about Etsy stores. I hearted all this shops, they are great!!

  6. Nikki, thanks so much for the write-up and kind comments!!
    I'm already a big fan of Julia's work, and now I'm off to check out Susanna and Katie :)


  7. Hi Nicki,
    Thanks for doing this post and a huge thank you for your wonderful comments on our new furniture range, your such a lovely lady and I can't wait to see your new little potion bottles :)
    Glenda's baskets are fabalously made and I can highly recommend them, I have a few :)I am going to take a look at her wonderful pouches and books too.
    Sussanna's pumpkins are fun and I will be popping over for a good nose around her store and Katie's signs are just adorable. I have been peeking at them for a while, but I just spotted one here I really like, so I am heading there first!

    I hope your hand is much better,
    Julia xxxxxxxx


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