Friday, 8 October 2010

Something i forgot to say! Lol

When i listed the blood dripping candles a few weeks ago i forgot to say they glow in the dark too. Daft old me forgot because i was in such a rush doing too many things at once and it skipped my mind.
The photo below is from my test candle experiments trying to find out what worked best for the drips, so don't look too close.
This glow is just for the blood candles.

Nikki xxx


  1. Oooooh, too cool! I bet we'll see some glow in the dark ones on a certain someone's e-bay soon, LOL.

  2. Yes they are cool!!
    I love how your blog looks now, and picture on the head with the pumpkins.
    It is good too that you mark your pictures with your name, well done.
    Un beso!

  3. Yes Eva. I have seen a few people do so and liked the idea but didt know how to do it. So yesterday made myself learn. So glad because i could make the banner too.

  4. Si no se te ocurre a ti, no se le ocurre a nadie en la galaxia :)
    Me encantan.
    Besos Clara

  5. WOW I didn't know they glowed..I will have to try them out! lol

    You do know that I have to give your mini's with faces names that correspond with their letter...otherwise I never remember which ones I want! lol So tonight it was C = Catherine and E = Erica! lol Poor things, they are all boys too! lol

    Michelle xxx

  6. Nikki, I think in the post before this one you said the banner for etsy comes out to big even though you have the right pixels (650 x 105 I think it is) try making the resolution lower.


  7. Clara, i know it is hard to be everywhere and remeber everything, thank you!
    I will have to learn spanish! I use a translator at the moment but they are not very good and accurate.

    Michelle, what am i like forgetting the glowed, lol.
    Like your names and your system. I wish i could make girls, only one of them looked a bit girly.
    Jodi told me to make grils have smaller noses but even just a dot on mine looks like a boy.
    Ill find a way to make girls, lol.

    Marsha... resolutinn.... hmmm, not got a clue!
    Heard of it, know of it, but how to apply it not the foggiest.
    I will try the smaller measurement you suggested. I followed what etsy were saying about pixels and size. I know what pixels are (in a fashion).
    Going to have to work on this learnig thing!
    Thank you for all your help so far!


  8. The candles are so cool. I love them!

  9. I'm glad my explanation helped you get a pic of them glowing :o) it took me ages to work out how to do it too!
    Loveing the new crisp blog, looks much tidier and much more organised....skills I lack immensely! LOL

  10. Oh wow even more cool ha ha ha! Love your new look blog page ;-)

  11. Nikki, I am a bit late, but just wanted to say I really love the new look Blog xx

  12. I love the new candles Nikki and the way you are laying out your blog.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxx

  13. Glow in the dark fimo? wow I haven't used that in years!

    I love that stuff when I was little, I had so much of it, its a wonder I don't glow in the dark still now lol!

    Hey check out your Etsy messages I have sent you a little something that might help you out with your banner ;)

  14. Wow Nikki everything looks so different around here. I Like it. A very peaceful and classy looking layout. Also, love your glowing candles. Way too cute!


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