Thursday, 23 September 2010

Close ups for this evening!

Today my internet connection is not too great again, and also having problems here at blooger uploading pictures. Aplogies for the delay in showing close up pictures.
Really pleased with how different my work looks when phtographed against a background and will be using it from now on.

Here's all that im listing from 9pm.

Bottle Candles.

Pumpkin Teapots.

Pumpkin Pot - I have 6 of these for sale.

Pumpkin Patch B

Pumpkin Patch A

Gourd Birdhouse - Has a little hanger on the back to attatch to trees etc.

Skele bottles - Have 10 of these.

Rejects/Seconds - The dragon jar has a little crack, the glass marble pumpkin and pumpkin jar i'm not happy with.

Pumpkin Candles

Face Candles

Jar Set B

Jar Set A

Candles K

Candles J

Candles I

Candles H

Candles G

Candles F

Candles E

Candles D

Candles C

Candles B

Candles A

Set C

Set B

Set A


  1. What time honey?
    Been having blogger problems this week too.

  2. Estan muy bien colocadas en tu nuevo set de fotografia. Todo, todo es precioso. Estoy encantada con las velas pumpkin.
    Besos Clara

  3. OMG.. I can't wait I'm already poised at the PC. But its having a dicky fit and is on the go slow. Just hope I'm quick enough. My Ben wants a Skele Bottle..LOL xxx

  4. Typical.... I had a PTA 'do' this evening so couldnt be poised at the computer for 9 pm like Debbie, so rushed back, but alas all the skele-bottles had gone :o( no suprise that your stuff sells so quick, tis marvellous!! :o)

  5. Absolutely gorgeous miniatures. You are brilliant artist, always suprises me with unusual creations.
    Жду продолжения!

  6. Me gusta todo mucho enhorabuena por tu trabajo es estupendo. Besos. Yolanda.

  7. WOW Nikki! These are amazing! So much detail!
    I'm sitting here with my mouth gaping in delight! Love them all, but the skeles and the candles are just wonderful!

  8. Great work Nikki! The modeling and coloration of your pumpkins is spot on.

  9. Wicked and wonderful! Cannot pick a favorite...


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