Monday, 30 August 2010

Mushrooms tomorrow and something ive been making.... all day!

I'll be listing mushrooms Monday evening 9pm UK time. It was meant to be Saturday evening but got stuck watching tv and being lazy, plus the libertines were playing at reading on tv and couldn't miss them! Love the Libertines and wish i could have actually been there for real rather than sitting with a cup of cocoa, a blankie and pillow, lol.
Will post pics tomorrow afternoon/early evening of the mushrooms. I've made green, yellow, orange and red so far.

I've got a great idea too for candles, and will hopefully be working on them later in the week when ive caught up with the mount everest washing and ironing piles.
They really will be ever so bloody! Well if they work, lol

Today i've been covering a glass vase. My Mum is coming to stay for a few days this Friday for my birthday. It's her own birthday tomorrow so her presents will be a few days late when she arrives.
The vase has taken me the entire day to cover with loads of clay balls. Thought i'd be finished around tea time, but no i was still rolling and sqaushing way past 10pm.
Just got to felt her a nuno scarf now, mount the wall hanging on a wood backing, and make a card.
I'll take better photos tomorrow in natural light.

My inspiration came from this ladies beautiful work.
Make sure you check her blog out! I love everything she makes, the textures and colours, and how she brings everything together.
I dont think i'll be making another though, because they really do take forever and a day!


  1. OOOOH WOWEEE!!!! That's amazing Nikki! Your mom is absolutely going to LOVE it!
    I just checked out Mandarin Moon Art's blog, and you're right! Her stuff is awesome, it's hard to believe it's polymer clay. Same with your gorgeous vase. :)

  2. What a beautiful vase, I love the colours and finish you have used too x

  3. Your vase is gorgeous Nikki! Just stunning! =D

  4. Stunning vase! Your Mum will love it for sure!Thank you for sharing the link! The best wishes for your Mum from the bloggerss too!:D

  5. Wonderful vase, you are so good Nikki!! your Mum will love it as much as we do. well, more since her daughter made it and Mum always have a tender spot for their kids.Best wishes to her and best wishes in advance to you as well. Minihugs Rosanna

  6. Fantastic vase,I love it and for sure your mother will be very happy with that present !Jeannette

  7. I really love that vase, Nikki. What a great idea and the colour tones you used blends so perfectly and the effect is completely pleasing. Thank you for the link, I will check it out.

  8. Nikki! That jar is beautiful!! I love the colors of it:) Your Mom's gonna love it!!

  9. Beautifully made vase, Nikki! Your mother will love it! Did you use Mica powders on it?

  10. I love this vase Nikki!! I bet your mother will just love it!


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