Monday, 30 August 2010

Daylight picture of the vase and Mushrooms for etsy this evening. Plus Ladybirds in the garden.

Plant your own mushrooms - The height of each is reduced once planted in a pot or your mini garden. Perfectly suited to fairy houses or around the building of a witch house.

Set 1 - Smallest measures 1.8cm. Tallest measures 2.8cm

Set 1a - Smallest measures 1.5cm. Tallest measures 2.5cm

Set 1b - Smallest measures 1.6cm. Tallest measures 2.5cm

Set 1c - Smallest measures 1.5cm. Tallest measures 2.5cm

Set 2a - Smallest measures 1.8cm. Tallest measures 3.7cm

Set 2b - Smallest measures 1.9cm. Tallest measures 4.2cm

Set 2c - Smallest measures 1.8cm. Tallest measures 4cm

Set 3 - Smallest measures 1.5cm. Tallest measures 2.8cm

Set 4 - Smallest measures 0.8cm. Tallest measures 1.6cm
For baskets, potion boards and tables etc.

Will add pictures of the mushrooms i'm selling tonight as soon as i've cropped them all. Had to spend the entire afternoon with my somewhat (always) drunk neighbour so really behind now. Mind you he does make me laugh!

Managed to take some better daylight pictures of the vase. I couldn't wait to wake up this morning and see it myself in natural light. Really pleased with it.
Susan, you asked if i used mica powders. I just used acrylic paint of leaf green and a medium blue, plus copper and blended them all into each other, then dry brushed with the copper. The vase then had several coats of true gloss by Mayco and now looks like real ceramics.
It's a glass vase and left it so on the inside so water can go in with real flowers.

My son Patrick took these pics of a ladybird in the garden today. It's not the ladybird i love really but the wood, stones and the decay.
Should really smarten my garden up but can't face doing so.
The ladybird made me think mushrooms with black dots would be great...will make some.


  1. It is beautiful in daylight too:D

  2. This vase is truly spectacular!!! I love it, wonderful pressie! :o))))

    I have a few Mica powders, but have yet to use them!

    Will email asap.
    Michelle xxxx

  3. Oops just seen the wood! I love the photo's as lots of inspiration for how it ages (the ends of beams how they can age etc).

    Bay windows have been driving me mad this morning I had to rope in help! lol

    Michelle xxx

  4. Your vase is really beautiful!!!

    Victoria :)

  5. That vase is amazing, Nikki. So beautiful.

  6. Nikki- the vase turned out amazing- your Mom is going to love it!

  7. Its amazing the colours are beautiful your Mum will be thrilled with such an original pressie Nikki! The blog you used for inspiration is great and Im sure you have lots of ideas for how it can be turned into minis too, I can see endless things suitable for a witchy /wizard setting using the same techniques in mini! Kate xx!

  8. Oh and I love the pictures your son took! Love the wood and the stones and the colours too!:)

  9. I love your mushrooms Nikki and that vase is superb.

    Lorra lufies

    Debie xxxxx

  10. Pasate por mi blog tienes un premio muy extraño.

  11. Your Vase is stunning, your mum is a very lucky lady indeed!!
    As for the mushrooms I LOVE them all!!! Are you going to disguise a ladybird on one?? :)

  12. How many mushrooms, incredible.
    Lovely ladybird, I liked very much this little animal

  13. Nikki the mushrooms are cute but that vase is amazing.

    Your Mom will be over the moon with it...I love it.

    How did you get the clay to stick to the glass ? Did you have to then bake it all ?

    I love old wood...I have sooo many photos of bark that I'll one day get round to framing.

  14. Jayne. The vase id covered in paperclay, but it cracked and decided to cover in polymer clay over the paperclay.
    I would imagine you can get it to stick to glass using liquuid fimo or even just pva... maybe.
    I'll be making another one soon and can let you know then. There must be loads of covering glass item tutorials online, maybe youtube.
    Nikki xxx

  15. You are right :-)

    There is a simple one here

    She even covers light bulbs lol

    I've been eying up some lovely ceramic vases with 3D flowers on them...I'd never have thought to have a go myself :-)

    Now I'll be looking in the dollar store for cheap vases.

  16. Do you have second hand shops there? I picked this one up for £1 in the heart foundation charity shop.
    Have a look around for inspiration and patterns etc. You could make some beautiful flowers i reckon in clay.
    Its good fun but if you go as dotty as i did its ever so time consuming. It took me 12 hours non stop to do all them, lol. Must be mad!

  17. I love all your creations. I love the little ladybird photos. If it's any help it's good to leave some parts of your garden wild. Too many people make their garden to tidy. That's my excuse ha ha ha! Like the idea of some black spotted toadstools!

  18. ¡Que bien te han salido todos los hongos!
    El jarrón muy original y bien hecho.
    ¿La mariquita querrá acercarse a tus hongos?
    Besos Clara

  19. Hi Nikki...yes I have a second hand shop here that I look in once in a while so I'll look there.

    I shan't spend 12 hours on one though...a.t least not in one go :-) I do like having something on the go that I can work on in spurts when I need to take a break from minis so this might be good.

    Did the glass bake OK ?

  20. Yes, it baked fine, mind you maybe its because polymer isn't baked at a high temp.
    But, I cant see why glass of any shape or size cant be baked.
    Maybe a good idea would be to put the vase in the oven before you add clay as a test. If its fine and does ok at polymer temp will mean you know its safe to add the clay.
    Mind you dont forget to measure your oven height before you buy a tall vase, lol. I have a big oven but still had to take all the shelves out, much to my disgust at the state of the actual oven... will clean it one day!

  21. Pilze in allen Größen und Varianten... sind lustig anzuschauen.

    Liebe Grüße PuNo/Monika

  22. Hi Nikki! I could of sworn I left you a comment....but I'm not seeing it?? Just wanted to tell you that I love your son's ladybug pictures! Amazing!! I think they'd be great in miniature:)

    And I'm also loving the mushrooms with the moss around the bottoms! It's very inspiring!!

    Happy Belated Birthday Hun! Hope it was an amazing one!! :)
    Big mini Hugs!


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