Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Pumpkins and Miniatures.

Thought i would share a few pumpkins i finished today. The tallest measures just under 4cm in height. Ive kept them simple to be used in a large pumpkin patch.
The pictures not great because the light is fading, so will take them again later in the week. The bases are blushed with a deep orange and lighten towards the top, but i just cant get this to show in my photos.
I've not worked on miniatures too much for quite some time. I've just not been in the mood, but hoping i can make enough to have a small sale on etsy in the next week.
Will also be selling the chair i made a few weeks ago.
The glow in the dark brooms i can't finish until my bristles arrive from the states... hopefully soon.
I'll try and sculpt some mandrakes too. Its a lot cooler than last weeks weather so will be able to sculpt... stay away hot sunny days!

Is my music annoying? Thought I'd ask!

Nikki xxx


  1. Nikki those pumpkins are so well made. Then your minis always are miniature perfection. I cant hear the music, no speakers on the PC LOL.

    Looking forward to seeing your new brooms.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Great pumpkins as usual Nikki! The music is not annoying at all but I needed to make it a bit quieter;) Hope your bristle will arrive soon!:)

  3. Nikki they are gorgous! Your music is fine for me!

  4. The pumpkins look great! I'll be waiting them and the mandrakes come for sale as I need some quality plants on the front of my forgotten greenhouse - the ones in the back I can do myself as they are not that visible :D

    And hope that you get your minimood back and do some creative felting :)

  5. You can just about see some of their blushing bottoms! lol :o)) Fabulous as always and yes I will be interested in some mandrakes! :o)

    I preferred the first sound track you had and was going to ask you who it was as I loved the first song! :o))

    I hope you are feeling a bit better.

    Michelle xxx

  6. I love your punkins, Nikki. And I missed the music you used to have on your blog... Glad to see you working again.

  7. These are very cool, as always your work is beautifully made, original and a credit to all your hard work!What ever you do miniatures or other craft work remember to have fun. Look forward to seeing your mandrakes :-)
    I love the music it's nice to have a boogie :-)

  8. Nikki they are can see the blushing bottoms just about lol.

    I hope you soon feel in the mood for a mega mini making session...good for the soul (((())))

    As for the tunes...I block music on all my bogs but only as I normally have my own stuff blasting away and it all gets muddled up - I am so old now I listen to radio'll be Terry Wogan for me next lol

  9. Olá!

    Que lindas estão suas abóboras.Eu amei.

  10. What a wonderful pumpkin patch these wonderful miniatures would make - the only "thing" missing for me is Linus Van Pelt waiting for the Big Pumpkin to arrive (lol). I'm really looking forward to see new mandrakes and other stuff!

    Greetings from Germany

  11. I know how you feel Nikki. It has been very hot and my house feels like a student dorm at the moment so many large young people coming and going! It's hard to settle to anything.

    Hope you get your mojo back soon. I have missed your blogs.

    Music is fine by me,very relaxing.

  12. They are just perfect Nikki! For some reason I want to say they look delicious... although you have to do a lot to get pumpkins to taste good in real life... haha! I love them!

  13. Ooh wonderful pumpkins. I just love them.

  14. They are perfect , Nikki. I love them.
    The musik is fine too((-:

  15. Hope the bits for your brooms arrive shortly.
    Love the Pumpkins you make Nikki, they always make me smile.
    I have the speakers turned off on my PC, so your music doesn't bother me..LOL xxxx

  16. Hi can you tell me when are these going top be ready for sale? I do love a pumpkin or two lol!

  17. Las calabazas te han quedado geniales, menuda plantación.
    Personalmente la musica esta muy bien.
    Besitos, May


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