Thursday, 15 July 2010

Felting, minis and mess!

The above picture is the back of the wall felted picture. I really like it and thinking i''l make something intentionally needle felted the wrong way round, lol. Same with the wet felting too... strange, but i love it!

Yes, yes, i know this is a mini blog but i'm just too addicted to felting at the moment.
Yesterday could have kissed the postman when he delivered the wool i've been longing for, for what seems like ages.
I'm making this flower wall hanging for my Mums Birthday end of August, and although it seems like ages away with the amount i need to do i'll be lucky if it's finised in time.
Still loads upon loads left to do, like more felting, more fibres to add, more twirls and leaves to make, the little balls for the centre of the flower, lots of embroidery and on and on.
I've never done anything like this before and so just going with what my instinct tells me. Seems to be telling me the right way so far.
Here's what i did yesterday. The wet felt background took me hours but still need to needle felt this and add loads around the edge.... dont know what yet.

The bag so far. I need to needle felt more over the patterns i'm adding to secure them well. Will do so when i can buy a multiple needle felting tool. One needle alone is taking too long.


  1. The flower wallhanging is absolutely beautiful, I'm sure your mom will love it :) And the bag is beautiful also, love the colours you've used :)

  2. I have no doubt your Mum is going to love the wallhanging! It is beautiful already!And I too like the back of the picture. It could be very interesting when done intentionally:)

  3. am loving what you've done so far! beautiful mix of colours, cant wait to see what it ends up like with the extras. Am envious at your talents & would love to have a go, but you spoiled it (lol) by mentioning the finishing bit involving the dreaded needlefelting ouch!!! Your mum's a lucky lady to be getting this :o)

  4. Nikki your Mum will love her Wall hanging. I Love how you've managed to get the different colours in the Petals and Leaves, it gives the illusion of movement. Sunflowers always make me smile.
    Your Bag is coming along beautifully. xxxx

  5. Beautiful work as usual Nikki. I can't believe it's not finished it looks perfect already. How talented you are.

  6. Thank you everyone.

    Wendie, you don't have to do the needle felting and could stick to just the wet felting.
    I've not stabbed myself yet and doubt i will... you will be fine, promise!
    Ive been using car washing sponges as the base, lol, nothing else suitable, so you would have loads of room to not get stabbed (was going to type smething rude there, lol).
    Have a go, its fun... addictive though!

  7. You are the most naturally talented lady I know, I think. Everything you try just turns out beautiful with very little learning curve!! The sunflower is great! That bag is could do an entire line and sell them, I'll bet.

  8. They are both so beautiful, but the sunflower hanging makes me swoon ♥ I really can't wait to see what you add to it- good thing I don't live close enough to come swipe it- I am in love with it!! Gorgeous job- can't wait to see what else you "roll" and "stab" out :)

  9. It is lovely. The good thing about the needle felting tool is that your finger won't be as sore either :D

  10. These are beautiful as they are!!!

  11. Esta quedando precioso, no habia visto antes este tipo de trabajo, debe de ser muy dificil,besos

  12. Yup I agree with Tabs, naturally talented and gifted. Your mom is going to love this.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxxxxx

  13. Beautiful should sell these as well.

    I love the backside too :-)

    I had a pair of curtains I intentionally hung backwards as I liked that side better lol.


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