Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Like watching paint dry!

Wish it would stop raining so i could put these out in the sunshine to dry and then get them painted. I'm wondering if it will be safe to put them in the oven to dry out on a low heat.
I've made the mushroms with art mache and stippled them so later when they are painted i can add a patina to them. I still need to add the fly argarc dots but cant do so until they are dry enough. I hate waiting! Woke up all excited i'd be able to get on but they are just as damp as last night when i left them.
They dont look that great at the moment and hoping they wlll turn out how i imgagine them.
So will put them aside for the day and get some wire out to have a go at brooms.
Nikki xxx


  1. Morning Nikki,
    We have never tried putting them in the oven on a low heat to dry, but Hywel does sometimes use a hairdryer to speed up the drying when he can't wait either :0)
    They look fab :0)
    Julia xx

  2. Nikki the mushrooms came out great! I'm eager to see how they look painted.

    Sometimes I dry work on a wire rack set up next to an electric fan. Though it might cause thin pieces like your mushrooms to warp.

  3. These are lovely you are becoming the Queen of mushrooms. Cannot wait to see them when they are finished.

  4. They lookgreat! I too can't wait to see them finished :)

  5. I love these!! is there no end to your talents? I just know theyre gonna look great WHEN they are finished, but patience...all things come to those who wait! so go get busy while you wait :o) I wouldnt rush the drying process or youll get cracks appearing :O(

  6. These are just fab! :o)) I put my Hogwarts walls to dry outside when it was hot. Other than that it's a waiting game and I know how long this stuff takes to dry too! Can't wait to see them painted.

    Michelle xxx

  7. These look wonderful! Can't wait to see them painted!


  8. What a neat idea....can't wait to see them dryrd!

    And I hate waiting for things to dry as well....the mouse house is a good example of what you were saying...I'd get a wall done before bed, wake up ready to paint, to only find it as wet as it was the night before, too. That when I try and find somehting else to do, lol......Maybe that's why I have so many unfinished projects laying around, lol

    Hope the rain goes away soon:)

  9. I think they look pretty awesome right now- I can't wait to see them painted too!

  10. Finally I can comment on hasn't allowed me to all day and on my blog I had no dashboard grrr.

    they look fab Nikki. I have some very similar that Ayn and I made when he was little...we did all sorts like this including mushroom ones.

    For air dry clay to speed it up I heat up the oven then turn it off and pop the pieces in there. I dont' use a direct heat but the warmth does the trick.

  11. These look great Nikki. Remember patience is a virtue LOL

    Debie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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