Friday, 25 June 2010

Chair update.

Please excuse the miserable Wizard. A while back i decided i'd have a go at sculpting dolls. My first attempt hit the bin at just the head stage and so this one is my second attempt. His hands don't match either, lol.
He's a little bit bigger than a 1:12 male doll should be so just imagine a slightly smaller doll in the chair.
I've taken the back up higher than earlier pictures today, and added five feet to the base. It's now ready for the next stage and really happy with the shape.
I've taken the photos under artificial light so they are not that great.


  1. I think it looks great, Nikki....ever with the overhead lighting. Your Wiazard seems quite comfortable. I couldn't find that crimpy wire on my travels today. I'm going to check the bead store here on the island tomorrow. Other wise I'll have to order it online.


  2. There is so much work that's gone into this, not to mention the amount of wire!!! It's very fine wire, it looks like copper wiring.

    I love the look of it and it's very unusual too! I've been admiring my bookstand today! :o)) The broom will glowing (in the dark) in the summer house! lol

    Michelle xxx

  3. Nikki es una maravilla como todo lo que realizas.
    Me muero por verlo terminado.
    Un abrazo.

  4. That chair is something special! I really love it!

  5. oh thats fab nikki,
    cant imagine how much work it took but its wonderful and your wizard looks rather comfy sitting there :0)
    julie xxx

  6. It's fab and your wizard is a cutie :D

  7. OMG so much patience! I'm sure that it will be even more beautiful when you finish it. It's great now. Hugs Rosanna

  8. Oooooh, Nikki, it's a beauty! I just love woodland themed minis! Drooling here!!

    And please don't apologise for the wiz - he's charming!

  9. Its looking good Nikki xxx

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxx

  10. Ah...this chair is going to be fab!!
    I like your wizard too, he looks well, old and wise :)

  11. This is going to be spectacular Nikki. I forgot about your wizard he so cool! You really should continue with your sculpts, he is great too! Looking forward to the next installment. Kate xx

  12. You know, seeing the chair with someone sat in it, it really doesnt need anything other than finishing off. I'm loving the shape of it with its new feet, its really quite special :o) And dont worry about the wizard having different coloured hands either.... so are mine!! too much golf in the sunshine! (golfers only wear a glove on one hand for a better grip) so your wizard obviously plays golf when youre not watching LOLOL ;o)

  13. Awesome!:) I love the wizard too!

  14. That chair is fantastic. How are your fingers? That was a lot of twisting and a lot of wire. It really looks good just the way it is. Even though your wizard may be a bit large, he is a wizard and maybe he wanted to be larger than life. I love his face and as for his hands they could always be buried in whatever concoction he was working on.

  15. Hey Now....I like your wizard! Stop picking on him!!! LOL

    And I love this chair!!!! Can't wait to see how you finish it off.....


  16. Thank you all! Im still painting the chair inbetween cooking and housework, and will maybe show tomorrow.
    The wire hasn't hurt my hands at all, no scratches or cuts. I think because it a very fine soft wire my hands are ok.
    Lol at the wizard hands Wendie. I was thinking he drives a lot with one hand out the window, hence the two colours, lol.

    Nikki xxx

  17. Both chair and wizard are fabulous Nikki. Can't wait to see the finished item(s).

  18. Love this chair Nikki, all that work!!! Looking forward to seeing it's progress. Jainxx

  19. Looking good Nikki, I love the Wizard he's lovely bless him.


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