Sunday, 27 June 2010

Chair almost complete.

The chair is almost complete. I'm not totally happy with the colour so far, so will keep dry brushing here and there until I'm happy.
Really pleased with it though, especially that it turned out how i imagined. That doesn't always happen!
Thank you for all your suggestion with how i could theme this chair. I've played around with ideas and used your suggestions but still it's not right. Maybe i just need to leave it as it is, plain and simple. The only thing that seems right to me is birds like doves on the branches but I'd like them feathered and i know I'll never have the patience for that.

Last night when i should have really gone to bed i decided I'd have a go at trying to wet felt witch hats. Not with much success!
They are in order of the attempts and the final one started to resemble a decent hat. I now have to work on achieving the correct size and keeping them totally hollow.
The last one is hollow half way up so I'm kind of getting there.
I'd like to take the tip up much longer and curl and coil, so will have to work on that too.

My Mum and step Dad are here for the week from tomorrow and so have been cleaning like a mad woman for days too. I don't know why i do this!
Its lovely weather here and would have liked to go somewhere nice during the week with them, but the boys are at school and its hard to go anywhere far away considering they are home just after 2pm each day. If there school day was longer it would be better i think.
Off to scrub some more and wash what really doesn't need to be done, lol


  1. The chair looks fab! As your wire work normally does.

    And those hats are so fun! Love how the brims are fuzzy! Too fun!!!

  2. Hi Nikki, the Tree Chair is absolutely fabulous. Wow!!!!! let me know if ever you do one to sell. I have two suggestions for you, one from me and one from my husband.

    I don't know what you have put over the wire to make it look earthy, however, I can see it looking a little more white as if it were a little icy and a white witch sitting in it.

    Hubby says he can see it more earthy with a male body with a green frogs head etc with a gold crown.

    Well, if nothing, we may have made you laugh. Good luck on completing this project. xxx

  3. I am a fan of this chair since you showed it for the first time:)I know I am not the only one ;) I love it! The felt witch hats have great colours! They definately will be perfect for witches during colder days!;)They are pretty ones!

  4. Nikki, That chair is fantastic! I love it! It should be full of blackbirds! I want one! Is it all just wrapped wire? What guage wire do you use and where do you get it? I have wanted to make wire trees for years....don't ask why..:)and my attempts all ended up too chunky and the wire wouldn't do what I wnated it to... you have obviously mastered the wire! It is gorgeous!

  5. The chair is just so perfect, fabulous work again :) Wouldn't it look good with little moss here and there - yes, I'm really in the moss mode here :D The branches would be perfect for bats to hang on and for a bee's nest :D

  6. Actually, I love the chair as is. Then you could decorate it throughout the year with the changing seasons/holidays. It's wonderful, regardless. I so admire your work, Nikki.


  7. The chair looks great, Nikki (as usual). There are so many possibilities for it! Those felt hats are intriguing...I'm trying to imagine how you form them.

    Enjoy your family's visit.


  8. Nikki that chair is great and those felt hats arent far off.

    Have a lovely time with mom and dad.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Nikki, I'm in love with this chair!!
    All it needs is a cushion, possibly leaf-shaped in felt? :)

    And the felted hats look so tactile - yummy!!

    Exceptional work!!

  10. I too was thinking a cushion, and love the leaf idea. Next week when i have time i'll have a play.
    This chair is bugging me because i want to bring it to life with colour and something?
    I love all everyones ideas, and tinypearl i think your thoughts are great, and your husbands. I too thought frogs at one point.
    I keep changing my mind, but hoping it will eventually come to me.
    Im going to go and have a look around for halloween dressed trees and see if i find some inspiration.
    Daydreamer, if you email me at i'll forward some links for the wire and more info.
    Nikki xxx

  11. Nikki la silla es estupenda, te quedo prefecta.
    No dudo que dentro de unos dias nos sorprendas con unos hermosos sombreros de brujas ya dominada la tecnica.
    Un fuerte abrazo.

  12. That is so nice your parents are visiting, they must love to see you, your family and everything you are doing. Parents are always our biggest fans. Love your tree chair and felt hats, they look so real and natural. I enjoy wool felting in my real/big life and have an electric felter/embelisher that is fun to use. Jean♥

  13. That is the coolest chair ever!!!

  14. I visit your blog very often and I am always amazed of all your creativity and talent. When I saw your chair I almost dropped off mine :) It's so cool that I just had to leave a comment this time (usually I just admire you work lurking silently behind). I cannot wait to see how you decide to finish it, but I'm sure that what ever you decide to do with it it's going to be amazing. Love it!

  15. This is a wonderful chair Nikki! It reminds me of a large oak tree leaning back. ;o)) I'd probably go for an understated and subtle look and have a tiny frog taking a nap on a branch and a spider hanging from a thread (from its web in the branches - I'm been trying to work out how to make one for ages, not succeeded yet! lol)

    Have a great time with your family. :o)

    Michelle xxx

  16. I love the hats, I like them being fuzzy great effect perfect hats for winter.I had a go at making them myself and mine where awful ha ha! I am trying to do a sorting hat at the moment (see my blog page) and I swore a lot making them ha ha ha! Hope you all have fun with your Mum and step dad and don't clean too much you'll make yourself tired in this heat phew!

  17. Fascinating! Congrats on getting your work to this level! If you have a few minutes, please stop by my blogs: Levonne's Pretty Pics and A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings. Thanks.

  18. Hello Nikky
    fantastic tree-chair, a pillow, some yellow leaves, some bird
    you could do as I did, fimo body and tail feathers.
    But it is also so very beautiful, congratulations!
    Mini hugs

  19. the designs are really good and they give the impression of halloween , they are really very artistic and creative and something that not everyone can do. good job

  20. Love, love, love the chair Nikki. So cool....I love all the ideas you have got as well.

    And those think they are fab. They look so good in felt. Do they take long to make ?

    Have a great time with your Mom & Dad xxx


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