Saturday, 29 May 2010

My Friend Eva's Tree on ebay!

My friend Eva at has been really busy lately while off work recovering form an operation working with clay and scultpting.
Here's the beautiful and magical tree she has now completed, and that is available on ebay. Heres the link for the auction listing that ends in a few days.

This is such a wonderful tree and the details are amazing! I think this is Eva's first ever auction and hoping it's really good for her after all her hard work.


  1. Isnt it spectacular I adore this! Im thinking it would look heavenly in my Snow White garden! It really is beautiful, thanks for showing it Nikki ! Kate xx

  2. Eva's work is wonderful. I wish her every success with her auction. xx

  3. What a grand and magikal tree Eva has made! VERY special indeed! ~ Deb

  4. This is wonderful and so magical looking! I love it! Eva is sooo talented, I hope it sells for oodles for her too! ;o)

    Michelle xxxx

  5. Wow how cool is this tree, I love the little door.

  6. This tree is magnificent! You will have to tell Eva that she did a great job on this little magical tree. I wish her many bids on her auction. It's really a wonderful little tree; I am certain someone will want to add it to their collection of truly magical items. :)


  7. Wow... wonderful work!! :-)

  8. It really is beautiful, thanks for showing it Nikki
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  9. This is so cool, I love that face :D


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