Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Frog Disection Boards.

At long last i've put these frog disection boards together.
It's a terrible photo, the lighting is so bad here today due to the grey skies and endless rain.
The glass jars contain frog spawn and eyes. The frogs i've used i bought at a show. Although the frogs are plastic i managed to get away with popping them in the oven so they warmed and i could bend and shape their legs back, and cut their bellies open to fill with blood.
Quite gruesome but i really like them!

Instead of using varnish to make the blood look wet i used resin. If you have a mini you want to have a high shine i would say a crystal clear resin would be perfect.
I just used a coctail stick for my painting. I didn't want to waste a good brush.
I have some eyeball cheesecake boards on the go and for the top where im using blood in place of fruit syrup i'll be able to get the perfect high shine.
Thats if they work of course. Food really isnt my thing but so far so good with them.

Moon Pram
Will post updates of the pram when its almost complete. Its not gone exactly to plan and leaving it for a few days while i think what to do. I wanted it yellow and although moons are yellow (ish) this moon just didnt look right.

If you pop over to the the Kensington Dolls House Festival they now have the site updated with the floor plan for exhibitors.
I was really pleased to discover just now im in the hall i was hoping on and in a nice position.
Earlier in the year a iaccepted a place on the balcony, and daft me somehow in my head had balcony as being the stage area which is about 5 steps up, unlike several to the balcony.
Last week and after almost 3 months of me not realising balcony means balcony and not stage i was in a right panic because im scared of heights.
Luckily the organiser moved me and couldn't be happier. I'm now sharing a table because of this problem and looks like im with a lady that knits. Im also next to Elf so thats good.


  1. Poor little froggies :( lol They are fab as all of your work :) you must get tired at some point hearing it over and over, you super talented girl :D

    Wish I could go to the show, but I just have to wait for your shop to open, better save some money first :D

    Hope you have wonderful show, I'm sure that your minies are grabbed from your hands :)

    Happy Easter,


  2. Great boards! As Ira I will wait for your shop to open and save some money first! Nice to hear you are going to have a place that suits you during the festival!

  3. Hi Ira.
    Oh thank you. I only ever see faults in my work and ways to improve.
    But i always appreciate everyones comments, because they keep you going. Its also good because you know if you are making the right things and when not.
    I promise i will get the etsy shop filled after the show and keep it updated through the rest of the year. I wish i was a fast worker!

    Nikki xxx

  4. Dissection boards! What a clever idea. They came out great.

  5. No hurry, good things can be waited (and saving needs some time lol).

    I find your work so nice as of course the quality is suberb but you have such original, fun and crazy ideas :)


  6. Ew! Frog parts...I can almost smell the formalin :-D. Seriously, they look great and, like all your other creations, will no doubt fly off the sales table. It is good to be in a prime location when you are just beginning...or next to someone everyone wants to visit (as I was 2 shows ago). I sooo wish I could go to this show but I mustn't pout since I am attending the International Show in Chicago 2 weeks. First time in years and years that I'll have been to a big show.

    Best of luck to you Nikki, though I know you will not need it.


  7. Now I have to try and run to your stall when I get through the doors and then dive down to the Lower floor to see Julie and Jain and their goodies. Im sure Ill miss out on something Id like to buy but lovely to see your name there and if your sharing a table does that mean you dont have to make so much now to fill it lol! Are you getting excited now, or nervous? I suppose a bit of both!
    Great boards, good idea to warm them up. Love the guts hanging out, you know John and I, we like a bit of gore!
    Kate and John xx

  8. About time you finished those boards. LOL.
    Nikki you've got a lovely spot at the show. You know I wish you every success, not that I think you need it. Will try and ring you later..xx

  9. Nikki, how on hearth do you come out with these ideas? You are GREAT !!!!! I'm not a witchy and I'm not a blood and spawns fan but you could make me change attitude !!! you are truly a GENIUS !!!! you and your "innocent" looking blue eyes ! Hugs Rosanna

  10. They are horrible! I love them Nikki ha ha ha ha! As always Brilliant work! Good news about the fair too.I don't think I'll be having that kind of cheesecake this Easter ha ha!I am a bit offically mad so if I think of any ideas I'll email you ha ha ha!

  11. Lol Kat at you being offically mad!
    I think your lovely and always have since i first met you at Alexandra Palace, so keep being the way you are, because mad or not you couldn't be nicer!
    Lots of love and hope you feel better soon. This bad spell will pas... i promise!
    Nikki xxx

  12. oh those frogs- brilliant! I love them- how completely disgusting and wonderful they are!

  13. The boards are fabulously gross! lol lol :o))

    I've just had a look at the KDF floor plans, I've been trying for days to view, think it was because they weren't ready to be viewed!? Gosh, soooo much to see and only a few hours, I should have bought a 3 day tickets mehtinks!! lol

    I can't wait to see your little moon pram whatever colour it may be! ;o) lol

    Michelle xxx

  14. Eeeww! But still very cool! :-D I love your work, and I wish I could go to Kensington this year.

  15. Love 'em!! Takes me back to science class, throwing eyeballs at each other and trying to toast legs on the bunsen burners. Thanks for the memories!! Brilliant work as ever, Nikki!


  16. I was in the wrong science class! Next time I want to be in the same class as Glenda!

    PS- sorry about the extra comment Nikki- but doesn't throwing eyeballs around sound kind of fun?

  17. Nikki those boards are great and I love that pumpkin pram idea and I am really looking forward to seeing it. I am sorry I was poorly at the start of the week (my hypermobility was playingup)and it hurt to type. Feeling much better now though. I am so glad you have got a good place at KDF. Very, very excited. Your just doing such wonderful minis they get better and better.

    Lora Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. Oh those poor students having to kill and then immediately dissect their own frogs. Oh well I guess it is not any worse than cleaning a fish you catch.

    Thank goodness in my biology classes the frogs and the fetal pigs came preserved in formaldehyde. No blood spilling, all the blood was still in the veins and the consistency was like rubber bands.

  19. OOH... i just did loads of comments for everyone, hit the wrong key and now ive lost it all. Too tired now to do again.
    But im glad you like the boards. I think they look like they should be in a cartoon because they look a little plastic, but still like them for their gruesome qualities.
    What fun to toast frogs and throw eyeballs, wish i could have done that.
    Not much more gruesome minis to make apart from the eyeball cheesecakes, lol.

    Nikki xxx

  20. How clever! Dissection boards! Wonderful indeed but poor little teensy froggies!


  21. Yikes how horrifying, in a totally cool way. I recall dissecting frogs for my nursing degree last year... I am so glad you can't replicate the smell :)!!!!

  22. Is incredible Nikki, congratulations. BEst wishes and Happy Easter

  23. Awww Nikki, I've lost more comments from hitting the wrong button than I care to mention! lol So, what I do now is type them up in Word and copy and paste them into the comments box. That way if I do hit the wrong button and/or blogger does something odd, I still have them. :o))

    Michelle xxxx

  24. Those frogs was cute, a little scary though.

    I just wondered where do you get you inspiration from? U make so much and always come up with new things to make.

    Need inspiration to my witch box, but my head stands still.

    Keep on the good work Nikki!
    Love to see the things u make.

    Hope you had a great easter!

    Lot's of love Dikte/Star


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