Monday, 29 March 2010

Beautiful Gifts From New Zealand!

Last week a parcel arrived from New Zealand. The gifts were from a lady called Glenda i met over a year ago through ebay. At that time we both exchanged a few emails and only recetly Glenda let me know she too had started a blog. Here's the link:
This really is a beautiful blog, Glenda is so talented and you will not believe your eyes. Her work is so intricate, the tiny yet in my opinion subtle details and mix of neutral colours can enhance various styles of miniature scenes. From Tudor to modern and contempory each piece of work will find it's place. I think its rare for minis to fall into so many categories, where in various setting they nestle in well. I find it dificult at times to find a balance of making a mini stand out but also at the same time i'm always aware it shouldnt dominate the scene it will be placed. I think Glendas work has these qualities and i really admire this in mini work.
I love Glenda's work and is been a pleasure to meet her.
Here's my gifts.

The little spider web is made from silk. Glenda kindly sent me enough silk to make a further web. Its amazing and so, so delicate.
The rush mat and hexagon rya rugs are beautiful and will go in my witches bedroom.
Just adore and love the leather bucket/pail. This will go in the wicthes potion room.

Thank you Glenda for your generosity and thinking of me.

I promise i will get back to work on my witches house after May. Its going to be lovely because i have some beautiful gifts from so many people and cant wait to put them all in their place.

Here's a link to Glenda's etsy shop.
At the moment there are various rugs in all styles available.
In particular i love this pentacle rya rug.

Here's some picture of other minis i love from her blog. Make sure you click older posts and go right back.
Just look at those baskets! I love the round ones with the wooden base and think they would be beyond words with a mix of witch/wizard woodland potion ingredients and little delicate flowers too all laid out from the witches stroll through the woods (childish imagination i know, lol).


  1. Beautiful gifts Nikki. I had an email from Glenda when she first started her blog and she was so excited to be published in one of the English mags with her rush mats. Glenda is also doing a fabulous give away on her blog at the moment. xxx

  2. WOW Glenda's work IS truly amazing! I love everything, but the book and the tiny pencil and bucket are just fabulous! Glenda has just rugs on Etsy at the moment, but I hope she also sells the buckets and books too! :o))

    What a wonderful kind gesture, but you are very deserving Nikki! ;o))

    Michelle xxx

  3. Glenda generously sent me one of her rugs that I admired and it is even more amazing in person than in the pictures- she is an excellent artist! What wonderful gifts she sent you Nikki! I love how sweet and friendly the mini community is ♥

  4. Oh, Nikki, thankyou so much for your generous comments on my work, and for taking the time to write this post! - I know you are a very busy lady.
    I must admit that it was from reading your blog that I mustered the courage to start my own - a big step for me - and when I saw that you were my first follower I was so pleased!!

    Thanks also for the links to my blog and Etsy shop.

    I agree with Kim - the mini community is a lovely one!



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