Saturday, 12 December 2009

Some Decs And Away For a few Days

Going to visit my Mum and step Dad tomorrow in Bolton near Manchester, and will be coming home Wednesday. On the way home popping in to visit Debie from Piskies and Poppets and really looking forward to that.

Had all these plans to make all the decorations for my tree before going but sadly didn't quite manage it, lol.
Here's a few i have managed to make. Made about 4 of each and lots of the acorn ones.
They have bunches like this but larger in Hobbycraft and took them apart to get three bunches out of the one. The little toadstools are also from Hobbycraft and really love them.

Need to make a fairy/angel/star for the top when i get back. Wish it was a real tree too and bigger!


  1. Nikki I hope you have a nice time at your Mum's and give Debie a hug from me when you see her..

  2. Have a great time with your family and Debie.
    The tree looks wonderful and all the hand made decorations are so pretty. Merry Christmas Nikki :)

  3. Your tree looks delightful, Nik. And look at all those lovely pressies underneath! Enjoy your family visit and especially your pop in to Debie's. Safe travel to you.


  4. The decorations look wonderful! The tree looks lovely too! Have a safe journey to your Mum's.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy your time with Debie too!
    Michelle xx

  5. Those decorations are lovely Nikki. I am VERY excited about your visit. Woooooohoooooo. Safe journey and see you on Wednesday.
    Debie xxx

  6. Oh WOW that is your tree? it looks like something from a Home magaszine Im so jealous!! What gorgeous wrapped pressies, it all looks amazing Nikki. I got our beautiful angel decoration today thankyou soooooo much its just precious we love her. Ill be posting a pic of her on the tree tomorrow so I guess youll see it on your return. have a wonderful time, say hi to Debie from us, have fun!! Kate and John xxxx

  7. WOW, your tree is amazing, such beautiful!!!

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