Thursday, 17 December 2009

Let It Snow!

The snow this morning! The kids are so excited and getting ready for a day of playing in it now all the schools are closed. Great, what a lovely start to the Christmas holidays!

Last night.

Just now it started to snow and while i love the stuff wish it would stay away just one more day.
This is a really bad picture of the snow from my front door after 10 Min's of falling.
The flakes are massive and looks like it may be the deepest snow I'll have seen here by the morning. I also popped out to check how good it is for rolling and its perfect for snowmen.

Back from visiting my mum and also Debie from Piskies and Poppets on the way home. Had a great time and it was so lovely to see her. Debie especially bought a carrot cake (my favourite) for my visit but the dog pinched it, lol, while we were out for a few Min's. Quite funny really!

Off to hunt out gloves and scarves for the morning. Hoping i get to play, yet still not too bad so i can do the food shopping.


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh, how wonderful. In Cologne it is cold , but now snow )))))-:
    Hugs, Karin

  2. Its think here too Nikki, the children are off, we have had one heck of a snowball fight this morning, but I had to come in after a big one right in the eye, great eh, if I get a black eye for Christmas lol!!!!! Going to try a snowlady later, Happy Christmas Kate and John xxxx

  3. Ooooooh you're so lucky! It's snowed here, but it’s only a ‘very’ slight dusting. :o(( The Isle of Wight normally shields us from bad weather, maybe we'll get some more later today. One thing I miss about living in Essex, Norfolk and Northamptonshire is the snow, the latter two places used to get loads! Wishing I was there! lol

    Wishing you a truly great, but safe white one!
    Michelle xx

  4. My Mom just called to say they're suppose to get snow today, Washington DC....And like I said to her..."I want some!!" It hasn't snowed good here since my kids were little..they don't even remember it! And all I want to do is throw a snowball at them!! So...have some fun for us!!! And stay warm!


  5. Isn't it great Nikki! It is the same over here,the kids just came in to have a nice warm cup of coco, after lots of hours playing in the is indeed a nice start to begin the holidays.

    I wish you and the kids a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  6. Oh that looks delightful!
    It is hot here at Christmas so HOT!!! I can't imagine what that is like having a white Christmas, I am going to have to do that one year


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