Monday, 16 November 2009

Minis for Etsy This Evening.

Before i go on, apologies if you have emailed me and i have not yet replied. I will do so shortly. Just keep running out of time. Also i have the worst of memories and forget to half the time. If it's important please send again to remind me.

New minis for etsy this evening available from 8pm UK time.
Here's my Etsy link:

After this sale i will be having a little break from mini's for a couple of weeks. Need to do some jobs around the house and do some christmas shopping and organising.
Why is christmas such hard work?
Plus going to have a massive clear out and hopefully put lots of my big real house junk on ebay.

Cute little wood pots.

Bats Wings, Salamander Blood and Whomping Willow.

Armadillo Bile, T'ac Ybbat and Ashwinder Eggs. The T'ac Ybbat means tabby cat and contains the cats teeth, fur and eyeballs.

Inisible Time Paranoia, Bats eyes, Preserved Frog Brain, Beetle Dust.

Phoenix Tears, Dragon Heart, Rat Tails and Forget-Me-Not.
The Forget-Me-Not contains little bones, two eyeballs and two fingers (severed and with the bone showing). How could you forget a person with these body parts in a jar, lol.

Black Bat Eyes, Nrocinu (Unicorn Horn), and Bobutubor Pus. Yuk!

Witchy Clear out - A mixture of half completed, slight rejects, abandoned work, unwanted items etc.
Will try and get a better clear out organised soon.

Plain little faux wooden pots.

Fly Argaric Selection.

Slight Reject/Fault - Silver Birch Wizard Staff - Not totally happy with this Wizard staff so i will be selling him reduced. His face is not right because his nose is scewiff and there are tiny little faults in the joining of the clay on his face. Its just not sharp clean sculpting.

Mini Telescopes.


  1. I really want those mushrooms this time...^_^
    I am always too late...everyone loves 'shrooms...

  2. Great selection of mini's! You need a rest too! :o)) I know what you mean by Christmas! It is hard work, I'm ordering my meat this week, and I've already bought a lot of pressies (I'm boringly organised!). lol

    Michelle xx

  3. I'm still giggling at the invisible time paranoia... LOL!
    The phoenix tears are so pretty, I must make some for Esther.
    Love the little jars you use...

    Did you get my email a few days back?

  4. You've got me drooling as usual Nikki! Love the lot pic...That be a lot of fun to play with. And stop being so hard on yourself...there's nothing wrong with that staff! He's perfect! I wouldn't reduce the price at all!!! My favs are the first set of wooden pots!! Know what you mean about needing a break.....promise to keep us posted on what your doing though:)


  5. Oh, Nikki!!! I would like to have all the jars. They are so wonderful.


  6. Brilliant as per my talented friend. I hope you sell out and sell oooooodles.
    Debie xxx


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