Saturday, 14 November 2009

Fab site!

Thought i would share this fab website with you called Tmber Ridge Studio.
The site stocks a wonderful selection of miniatures i have not seen before.
In particular i liked the unpainted porcelain section and the good selection on offer.
This is what i bought.

The nesting mixing bowls can be painted using acrylics and this can also be done to all the other porcelain on the website.
The little cup the lady popped in was a gift.
I bought them only a few days ago, and can not believe how quick they got here. Plus they were packed to perfection.


  1. If anyone else hasn't already seen/bought from this site, I hasten to add that it's incredibly cheap!! We all love a bargain!! :o)) I have found items on this site that I have been looking for yonks! lol In this atrocious weather online is the only way to shop as I daren't go out just incase I take off like Mary Poppins! lol

    Michelle xx

  2. I will have a look....Thanks for sharing the link
    Have a nice Sunday Nikki!

  3. Those look cute! I'll check them out. What is that in the bag to the right?

  4. Yes what IS that in the bag ???
    looks like a great site nikki, will go have a good look with my morning cuppa :0)
    julie xxx

  5. Hi Michelle.
    Good idea staying in yesterday, lol at Mary Poppins!
    My gate and fence at the side of my house totally blew up in the air and landed 12 meters away. Didn't know until i woke.
    Don't have a clue how to fix it so leaving it to hubs when he is home tonight.

    Nikki xxx

  6. Hi Eva. Hope it may be of use to you. I just love the unpaineted porcelain and its so well made and perfectly scaled.

    Nikki xxx

  7. Hi Rudoo.
    They are just corks for my potion jars. I've searched high and low for them and this is the only site i've seen ever that sells them without the glass jars. Brilliant!
    Nikki xxx

  8. Hi Julie. J

    ust the tiniest corks i have ever seen. Looks like a strange bag of minis doesnt it, lol.

    Nikki xxx

  9. Tienes unos estupendos trabajos.
    Desde Madrid, España, un saludo cordial.


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