Monday, 9 November 2009

A Few New Items for Wednesday and Katies Prize.

On Wednesday evening i will try and put some new mini's on etsy.
The only trouble is somebody has been poking at my camera and now i'm struggling to take a decent photo of anything.
So when the poker comes home from school i shall get him to sort it for me and put it back to what it was before. Then hopefully i can take my photos tomorrow in time for Wednesday.

Heres a picture of Katies prize from last week. Seems she is still not able to use her computer and is totally unaware she won. Hopefully she can get it fixed soon to find out.
Plus a few more minis around the Skel-Grow board Katie won.

The picture is awful and going to have to have words with Patrick the poker when he gets home.


  1. Really fab, fab and very different too! Love the boxes of dragon eggs etc, too! ;o)

    Katie will be pleased with her surprise parcel, if she doesn't manage to get her PC fixed!

    Ooooh, I know all about little 'poker's'!! Pain in the bot bot! lol
    Michelle xx

  2. These are all fabulous Nikki, wonderful. I love the cauldrons ever so much.
    Debie xxx

  3. Great work Nikki! Love the boards!

  4. Wonderful, as usual. I love the red mushroom boards and crates the best. Good luck with your photographing, the light is awful at the moment and my photos look dull. I am in work untill 9.30 on wednesday, so will probably miss the mushroom boards, but I will try and rush home!
    Julia xxx

  5. Like I always said...Nikki comes up with the best stuff!. Love the mushroom boards! Your photos are just fine, btw.

  6. wow- wonderful work! I was going to pick up a card for Katie when I get my groceries tonight to let her know I have been thinking of her. I could write a note in my card telling her she has won your prize also. I hope her computer is fixed soon- seems strange not to see posts from her and I miss her!

  7. Hi Kim.

    That would be great if you could let her know, thankyou!

    Nikki xxx

  8. Glad you all like them even with the bad photography, lol.
    I have made other bits and bobs, but no pics i'm afraid at the moment.
    Been in a bit of a non mini mood lately and instead have been cooking and catching up with housework.
    Today a miracle happened, instead of cleaning my desk ready to work and then not actually not doing something after all the cleaning prior to clay, minis started to happen and hey presto got quite a bit done.
    Oh lol!

    Will never make business of the year at this rate. I spend more on baby wipes.

    Nikki xxx

  9. Love the mushrooms and the cauldrons as well.
    The picture is enough to see how fab is all the boards.

  10. Love the new potion boards Nikki..xx

  11. What can one say about your skills!!!
    WOW WOW WOW!!!!

  12. Ewww the eyeballs...

    I need one of those toadstool boards for Esther!She's a herbologist :)
    I only hope you're not putting them on Etsy so late that I'm already in bed, sigh.. darn this two hour time difference!

  13. Nikki, I really LOVE your potion boards! The ones with the mushrooms are my absolute favourite!
    I am going to stay tuned on Wednesday night!


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