Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Etsy sale tonight and nice things on etsy too!

I will put some new minis on etsy this evening at 9pm UK time, and will also put some there Friday evening 9pm UK time.
I wanted to do them all this evening but i have not got all the photos as yet. We only have the one camera and my son has taken it to college for the day.

Later today i will put a few pics here and also on my other blog. Here's the link:

Nice handrafted items i love on etsy today.

Link for this:[]=tags&includes[]=title
I love nativity scenes and this one is wonderful! The seller has lots of other wonderful items.

Heres the link:
The seller has lots of other wonderful christmas decorations.

I love these advent pouches too!
Heres the link:[]=tags&includes[]=title
The seller has other pouches available and some as custom for you to have your own personal text applied.


  1. I love and adore the seller who made the little advent bags, some realy great things in that shop! Just my sort of thing and taste! Thanks for the link!

    I'm off to sort out all my mini's, just been bought two stacking sets of drawers (it won't be enough), but it's a start! :o)

    Michelle xx

  2. Oh shoot.. I'll be tucked in bed by then.. And I just can't stay up late as I'm substituting in the am..
    Would it be possible for you to add one of those toadstool boards as a reserved listing for me? Any of the ones with a mortar and pestle...Pretty please with sugar on top?
    [batting eyelashes]
    My Etsy seller name is suskita :)
    (the only thing you do for a reserved listing is to have the 1st photo say "reserved listing for..." in really big letters)

  3. Love your mushroom boards! You are just so clever!

  4. I love your new items. You are so clever I don't get the time like I used to to create my little hats the down side of working more hours! Still it's lovely to see your new creations inspires me to make more of an effort. I love the mushroom jars and the eyeballs :-)

  5. Hi Susannae.
    So sorry, but i didn't see this message until now and sold all of them.
    I will be making more shortly and will let you know when they are ready.
    I always wondered how you did a reserved listing and thank you for letting me know. Its good to know. Never thought it was that simple.

    Nikki x

  6. Hi Michelle.

    Yes, the seller has some lovely items and wish i could spend all day and buy up all i love, lol.

    Hope you got your drawers sorted, lol.

    Have you checked out Wilkinsons for the plastic draweres? They do all shapes and sizes and colours, heights and widths.
    I have some tucked under my desk and they are wonderful and will last forever.
    Plus wilkinsons sell them the cheepest i've seen.
    The ones in Argos, and shops like Homebase are twice the price and no better.

    Nikki xxx

  7. Hi Shannon.

    Wish i was clever, lol.
    Thank you for the compliment!

    Nikki xxx

  8. Hi Kat.

    I think you are amazing to have a job and also make your hats for sale. I've always wondered how you manage so much. I just about manage the little bits i make and i dont have a full time job.
    Love your christmas hats and hope you have some good christmas sales. They really are beautiful and love the whimsical look of them.
    Its good the strikes are over too which is great for all of us.
    Hope you get more free time for you hats soon.

    Nikki xxx

  9. I didn't know that Wilkinsons sold storage boxes...but I don't think we have a local one here. :o( I remember the one in Southend (Essex) used to sell just about anything! lol

    My boxes come from B&Q, but they were bought for me...and I think they cost £14.99 for 4 stacking boxes, I thought that was cheap?

    Will double check on the Wilkinsons shop though!
    Michelle xx


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