Saturday, 19 September 2009

Update on Gifts

As you all know Debbie received her gifts from all of you last week. It was lovely to see her opening them through her blog.
I have the second parcel here to send still and just waiting on a few more gifts to arrive before i send.
Debbie knows there is a second parcel arriving so it will not be a surprsie like with the last parcel. But she doesn't know whats inside the box.
I'm hoping to send next week if everyones gifts arrive in time.
If you have sent a gift could you check your name is below. If your name is not there could you email me please? This will help me to know when the last one arrives.

Thank you all ever so much for joining in. I know Debbie is blown away by everyones generosity and get well wishes.

Here's the second gift box. I will post photos when all are sent to Debbie and they have arrived with her.

Here is the list of gifts which arrived this week.

1. *Ana Anselmo at
2. * Eva at
3. * Linda at
4. * Jonna at
5. * April Wright at
6. * Kathi at
7 * Shannon Conway at
8. * Savannah Kelb at
9. * Debie at
10. * Mercedes at
11. * Kathleen Denny at
12. * Katie at
13. * Sabiha at
14. * Stephanie Lilgast at


  1. Hi Nikki! My name is not on the list yet......but it's on its way:) Just wanted to let you know:)


  2. I hope you have received my gift? I sent it about 2 weeks ago. Thanks again, for doing this for Debbie and for us!

  3. Hi Katie. Thank you for letting me know. It will help me when i need to decide to send.
    Nikki xxx

  4. Hi Kathi. Yes, your gift has arrived. If you pop to my earlier blog post about the gift you will see your name there.
    I will email you now.
    Nikki xxx

  5. Hi Nikki,I could not find my name on the list,I sent my gift a week ago? I hope it will arrive soon?


  6. Hi Nikki...
    I am falling behind in sending my gift to you and thus to Debbie...could you email me privately and give me Debbies snail mail address so I can send it directely? Thanks so much..

  7. Hi Sabiha. Your parcel arrived today and i will email you later this evening. Thank you also for joining in; your gift is beautiful!
    Nikki xxx

  8. Hi Jodi. I know what it's like falling behind. I feel like i've fallen behind, fell over and knocked myself out all the time, lol.
    I will email you this evening when i am on the other comp.
    Wishing i was infront, lol, Nikki xxx

  9. *wipes forehead* whew! Glad my package got there safely. :) thanks so much for letting me know, and thanks again for doing this for Debbie. We all really appreciate it!

  10. Keep it up.Nice blog .That looks awesome!

  11. Nikki you are doing a wonderful job. Debbie so lucky to have you for a friend as are we all.
    (((((((((( hugs )))))))))))))

    Debie xxxxxx

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