Saturday, 19 September 2009

My Friends Witchy Mini's On Etsy

This evening, my friend Debie Lyons from Piskies and Poppets listed some new witch and wizard miniatures on etsy. Everything is fantastic!

Here is Debies blog link:

And here is Debies etsy link:

There is a mandrake table, a witch with her pumpkin and tonic, a food table, a pumpkin pram with dolly and a child witch, and a potion table.
All are beautiful and fully sculpted. All are One Of A Kind too!


  1. wow cool stuff! Sorry to use your blog but lost your email address please contact me :-). Got some stuff for you need your address :-) xxxxxxx

  2. Thank you so much Nikki. The little witch with the pram has sold and I am awaiting the magic beans for the Mandrake table.
    Debie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. love the little plants...they are your work.


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