Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Debbie Is Home!

Tonight i phoned Debbie house to speak to her husband Mick. I asked how she was and when she would be coming home. Then, oh my god i almost died of shock when he said i'll pass you over to her.
There was Debbies voice and all i could say when i heard her voice was NO, no, no! I was in such a shock.
Anyway, had a lovely chat with her and although she is in pain and has a lot to get through she was really positive. I didn't chat too long because i know she was really tired. I passed on all our best wishes!
She was determined to come home and prove to the Doctors she was ready, so today was the day. I am still in shock because it wasn't that long ago she had her operation.
She even had a little laugh when she told me she was the hospitals star patient!
Debbie asked me to thank you all for the comments Ben has been taking into the hospital, your cards and best wishes and when she is able to she will catch up with you all too.
Welcome Home Debbie and best Wishes to you from all of us here in Blogland.

Nikki xxx


  1. Yesssss!!!...
    thank You nikki...voor the message
    x marja

  2. Thats brilliant, take it easy Debbie, welcome home and get well really soon xxxxxxx

  3. Thanks for sharing the news! A relief :)

  4. Thank you Nikki for those good news !!!

  5. Great news! I'm so excited I just can't stand it! ;)


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