Friday, 28 August 2009


Check out these fab cauldrons i bought last week. They arrived a few days ago and ever so pleased with the quality. The large cauldron is from the 1:12 section and the smaller ones are from the 1:24. Even though they are meant to be 1:24 i love them because they are great for 1:12 stoves, tables and potion making scenes. Just got to think what to do with them now.
The small ones measure2 cm in height, and the big one measures 3.5 cm in height.
Normally when i go to the Kensington Dolls House show i always visit the Village Wheelwright stand . I dont buy much but they always have a nice selection of hand trowels, cutlery and other little bits i can mix into my work.
They offer a mail order service and are ever such a friendly couple. All it takes is a letter, email or phonecall to place your order.
The stock some wonderful items for blacksmith scenes, Tudor houses, Lighting, 24th scale furniture, and a nice mix of other mini's. The cooking utensils section is fabulous.
Check out this fabulous spit roats which turns just like the real thing.

Here's the link again to the website: Small Scale Miniatures
and the Village Wheelwright

While on the subject of cauldrons check out the smoking chimneys for mini's. I would imagine it wouldn't be too difficult to fit these into cauldrons for that extra spooky effect.
Here's the links:


  1. WOW I can see you making a fireplace like that Nikki, your fireplaces are so brill, and love that idea of one with lots of hanging utensils and big hearth!
    Where do the cauldrons come from please Nikki, wouldnt mind getting afew for the potion room in the smaller scale to put potions in. Have fun with them , sure youll think of smashing minis to fill them all. Kate xx

  2. Cool mini supplies as per Nikki. Thank you for the links. I have posted a parcel for you today with those boxes in and that paper mache stuff. You should get it tomorrow.

    Debie xxxxxxxxx

  3. Those are really you'll have loads of fun with them.

    I've seen the smoking chimneys before and love the idea.

  4. Great cauldrons love the small ones. Thankyoualso for the link for specs :-)Look out for me in doll House World this month. Are you doing any more articles I love your work xxxxxxxxxx

  5. I love those cauldrons, nikki. Leave it to you to find good stuff. Thanks for the link. I think I might just get a couple.

  6. Wow! What beautiful workmanship! Thank you for the links.



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