Monday, 1 June 2009

Potting corner.

Not got a great lot done to the potting scene today. I started making the three pumpkins and then decided i'd make about another ten. So kind of side tracked making a pumpkin patch now.
Also made a mandrake, although i don't love him if i'm honest. He just doesn't look right.
I can never get pumpkins to look quite right and i'm never totally happy with the colour. Plus i wanted leaves and thought i'd be forever and a day cutting them out. Then i remembered i had some vine leaves and so attached them to wire.
Here's a link to the leaves i used. Kendall leaves
The seller also stocks other great leaves such as Geranium and ivy. And if you want to make a prickly bush there are also some lovely holly leaves.
The kits are easy to use and you just paint them and attach to wire.
I'd like to make a tree for in the corner with winding branches that run accross the top of the roof tiles. Really not sure what this tree should be and if i should add a spooky twist or not. Think i'll leave it until last. Sometimes you can add too much spooky and then it can just end up looking over the top.

The birdhouse needs to be made alongside lots of plants, mushrooms, sacks of soil and shingle, pots of seeds, broken pots and anything else i can think of.
Ideas are always welcome!

Thank you also to everyone from my previous post for all the links and advice. It really is appreciated.
I'll get to work on some fairy furniture when i've finished the potting corner, the pumpkin patch, made the eggs for the chicken coup, finished the silver birch broom (the one with the little bum thats been waiting forever), and a few other little things. Oh yes and the frog pots... lol


  1. OMG!! (as my son would say) This is turning to be more amazing than I imagined....truly artwork. Nice job. Thank you for the lovely gifts (I had hoped that's what they were...) Weird about aol. I'd have to use the translator...

    And I wish LadyBugs picture came up larger too. It's hard to appreciate the intricacies.

    Tabitha (aka Susan)

  2. OMG do you ever sleep? LOL Ive not been up to much mini-ing over the school holiday & it makes me tired just reading all the things you are planning let alone have already made! Those leaves are great and add the perfect finishing touch too, (I can totally relate to the planning to make a few pumpkins and ending up with zillions, I now only make them when I want at least 2 dozen! )
    The corner is looking really good with all the extras, and I'm looking forward to seeing it all finished :o)

  3. Oh how I love pumpkins! I really like this before, but it just keeps getting better and better. I love the faucet so much!!! You are such an inspiration Nikki!

  4. Aren't those leaves by Jenetta Kendall (& spouse)great? I've used them and they're so easy...and no cutting or punching...yay! This project is coming together magically ;o) Sure you want to sell it?

    Tabitha (aka Susan)

  5. Potting corner looks great. It sounds like you have a ton of stuff planned. I guess you won't be bored.

  6. Its magnificant! Love your pumpkins, come halloween they will sell a treat if you make little pumpkin patches like that on their own! The leaves are wonderful, you are so good at painting everything just right! xx

  7. Great job! Love the pumpkins!! Can't wait to see more!


  8. The shed definitly needs a cat!! All witches have to have a cat!!! And maybe some mice hiding in there???

    The pumpkins look good, love the vines you added! :)

  9. You know I am sure I put a comment on here last night and its vanished LOL. Thank you for the link Nikki, I have brought some so I can make some dark plants, much easier than cutting them all out. I can see a cat, a rat and a spider web.... Its lovely I bet you will want to keep it after all that work.
    Debie xxxxxx

  10. ohhh're becoming quite the flower maker huh :-) I need to watch out for the competition lol.

    Laser cut leaves are such a clever idea. I wish they'd put stems on the leaves and I'd use them too.


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