Sunday, 31 May 2009

An idea for Fairy furniture.

While thinking up some new ideas i've decided i'd like to make or have a go at fairy furniture.
I'd like to make some table and chair sets but not sure what size they should be.
Today i've had a good look around to try and figure out the best size to make them or what scale most fairy houses tend to be.
If anyone can advise on the best scale all advice would be welcome.
I've noticed with many fairy house al scales apply and you can have a big house like a 1:12 with furniture to that scale, and then you see smaller scenes scattered here and there for even smaller fairies within the main house.


  1. Nikki how about making a set 1 1/12th and one 1 1/24th and one more tiny version and seeing how they go? Your getting my imagination going and I wont be able to switch if off. There are so many possibilities, I will email you later :O)
    Debie xxx

  2. Oh My....I've been looking at fairy furntiure for days now! I can't wait to see what you come up with! Your imagination always surprises me!!

    A lot of us are building small houses (1 1/24 scale)...and I know there's a few of us that would love to have some fairy furniture!! I did find this link this morning that you may like~

    Oh...and i know I haven't commented about the little garden shed...but it's perfect Nikki! I love the way you've aged it! With all that green stuff!! So cool!!! :)

  3. Not sure about scales but have you seen Colleen Moores Fairy Castle?? she has some fairy furniture in there. I was lucky enough to see it a couple times living up in chicago for awhile. Here's the link for the fairy furniture...

    can't wait to see what you come up with! -ara

  4. Funny, now that I think of it, most of the fairy dolls I've seen have been 1/12th scale, but the furniture and houses are usually much smaller scaled. I've seen pictures of a lovely fairy house which I believe was in the movie "Fairy Tale: a True Story". It's one of the few larger scale houses I can think of. I'm really enjoying your blog!

  5. I have not seen too many fairy dolls smaller the half-inch scale but I have seen smaller houses....guess fairies can be any size they want! But I always think of them as much smaller than people so I'd think their houses would be smaller. I saw a really sweet half scale woodland fairy house at a show recently. Actually, the woman was teaching it as a class. I'll see if I can find you some pix for inspiration. Furniture should be whimsical, don't you think?

    Tabitha (aka Susan)

  6. Ive always said Nikki should make fairy minis!! I think 1 12th scale is fine, as anything smaller makes it tricky to buy nice accesories for it eg jars, bottles, bowls etc. I have a house lending itself to fairy purposes but havnt got round to it ( surprise!!) but I have a few bowls of fruit and veg and cakes by Lori from Ebay who makes fairy items. her furniture reaches crazy prices, Ive never been lucky enough, out of our budget, but always sell well. Good luck with whatever you make Nikki,, once you start, No doubt the ideas will flood in and youll be making fairy things as much as witchy!! xx Kate and John xx

  7. Hi Debie. I think thats a good idea. I was just so unsure because there seems to be no strict rules on fairy house. I quite like this no strict rule on scale. I've seen fairy houses that seem to be various scales in one house and really like that idea.

    Hi Katie. I think like debie suggested make them in 1:12, 1:24 and smaller if i can manage it being so tiny.
    Thank you also for the great link. I loved all the hanging things.
    Glad you also like the potting corner. Its coming on well and will post new pics when i can. I've been busy learning how to make leaves with paper on wire today for madrakes and pumpkins. So far they look nice.

    Hi Ara. What a beautiful Fairy Castle. I really love the bathroom best. Its ever so magical.
    Thank you also for the link. I will save it on my site lists later.

    Hi Eliza. Thanks ever so much. I too have seen fairies in 1:12 scale and not many that are much smaller. This is what confused me when i have been looking because all the houses have mostly been smaller.
    I'm slowly getting into fairy house and think i'm going to have to build one after seeing penny thompsons which i'm so in love with.

    Hi Susan. Oh hope you manage to find the pics.
    I suppose this scale thing and fairies is like other houses. I just want to try and work out which scale is the most popular because its always best to work in the most popular size.
    I think it too has to be whimsical and hoping the ideas in my head can work.

    Thank you all for your help. I'll do my ideas in both scales and see what happens.

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  9. Hi Kate and John. Yes, i too love loris work and especially her fairy work. I like the little acorns things best. I'll have to start loking at buying such things and will have to go for a woodland walk too with a bag... lol.
    I'm glad you have such faith in me. Hope they are not as bad as my first witchy attempts which all went in the bin... lol.

  10. Ooh, why did you rmove your post? Hope i havn't done so by mistake.

  11. Nope it was just silly me asking If we'd missed out seeing the potting shed, wondered if it went on ebay then sold straight away then read your posting and you were still making it, so we still have it to look forward to!! lol xxx!!!

  12. oh and p.s, the acorn bowls are so easy. thats exactly what we did last year, went to the park an dtook a bag and I came back with sticks to make picture frames, and acorns. I stupidly made the mistake of putting the first batch in a plastic container and went to use them , finding them all mouldy and damp, so left the next lot open to dry out, popped out the acorns, and voila bowls! Just made 'feet' by circles of acorn coloured fimo, stood them on them and baked. Added lots of different ingredients, even used them for witchy bowls too and they look cool!xx

  13. Nik....check my blog for some fairie furniture/house inspiration....

    Tabitha (aka Susan)

  14. Hi Susan. Thanks, and on my way there now.


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