Friday, 15 May 2009

Whats in the box part 2!

Think i have kept you all waiting long enough, but before you carry on please pop over to Jayne's blog Tallulah Belle and look at the wonderful photos of whats in the box.
I'm not a great photographer and the light is fading here. I'll be busy all weekend and 2 more days is just too long to wait. My own pictures are a bit faded out and i don't want to take them all out of the box until my house is complete. They are too precious to mess around with and set up for photos. I will do this when the house is ready.
Jayne has created a beautiful setting over on her blog and believe me these foxgloves are 20 times more detailed in the real.

When the lighting is better i will take some more photos and try upon try to get a good one.

I can not thank Jayne enough for all the time and effort she put into making them and all the troubles and walks around the block these created. I don't own many miniatures of my own and alongside my little cabbages with teeth, my sunflower and a few tiny little things these are the most beautiful miniature i think i could ever own. I've spent quite some time looking at flowers today at the dolls house show but nothing beats these.

Thank you Jayne and i will store them for a little while with gifts from friends and little things i have kept by for the witches house. I'm hoping to work on the house a little more next week in preparation for the planting.

There is also another little white box with a suprise gift but the light went before i had the chance for the photo. I will take this again when the light is nice and bright.

When my husband arrived home the other day and i showed the foxgloves to him he actually went out of his way to sit down and have a really good look. He claims they are the business. This is the best comment i've ever had out of him and would normally have to stick something in his face for any words to come out. So business is the new word for excellent and out of this world.

I'm a little worn out after a busy day and so will post about the show in a day or two.
But for now i took a picture of the Tower of London on my way. I walk past this often and never look at it because its just become a local landmrk to me, but today i joind the tourists with my camera and snapped away.


  1. Nikki, thanks for the photos of the Tower. That was Walter's favorite place in all of London. I will have to show them to him when he gets home tonight.

    The foxgloves are great! Do take more photos!

  2. Nikki I hope you had a good day at Kensington and have lots to tell and show us.
    Jayne's Foxgloves are totally amazing...

  3. Needless to say that the foxgloves are incredile.Have you had a nice time at the Fair? Thank you for the Tower, I have been here 3 imes n my life and soon will be 4. But I can still enjoy it.

  4. Beautiful foxgloves, Nikki. Jayne is truly an artist! Miniature flower have always fascinated me. Can't wait to see them planted around the house. Rest up and then tell us all about the show! I am sooo jealous....haven't been to a proper miniature show in ages...sigh..

  5. Jayne works magic with her plants. They are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us, along with the Tower pictures. :-)

  6. So glad they got there safely....I can stop having nightmares now :-)

    Thanks everyone for you kind comments.

    I so can't wait to see them pressure or anything Nikki :-)


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