Saturday, 16 May 2009


Just to let you all know i will be listing some buy it now items Sunday evening from 8pm uk time and onwards. My ebay link can be found to the side bar under my photo.
I'll be selling off some of my old glass stock. It's glass i have bought over the last 2 years mixed up a little to make a few sets. It's not British glass but i've used them in the past myself and covered with cloths to make all my old style potions jars. These will be great little fillers for busy potion rooms.

I'll also be selling some unicorn potion boards (buy it now) using my new british glass, some more sweets (auction), the chicken coop (auction), some loose potions (not many) and hopefully the potion bottles i made earlier in the week. These are the ones i've made from glass balls and got to say they have come up lovely (auction).
I'm also going to have a rumage around and try and make up a little craft pack for anyone interested in making witchy/wizard miniatures. If its not listed sunday i'll list Monday evening at the same time. I dont know what will be in it yet but i know from past similar sales people like a little bit of everything to have a go at making a scene.
Late (ish) next week i will also try and list some more auction items i need to complete and some new ideas i've come up with. I will let you know when they are to be listed.
If anyone wonders why i tell people on this blog about listings its because it saves me lots of time emailing loads of differnt people. It just makes sense.


  1. Hi Nikki, What fun you must have had at the show. I am looking forward to your new listings. I already have my eye on a few items you listed I have been wanting. I will send you an email this afternoon and fill you in on what’s been going on in Sunny St. George, UT. I am heading out to a show with my daughter at the convention center called What Women Want. Should be interesting. Back to the doctors again this Tuesday, it is actually healing after 3 surgeries. Should get stitches out then. And boy will I be busy sculpting, I have months of down time to make up. Can't wait. Take Care, Lisa

  2. Good Luck with all the auctions Nikki..x

    Are we going to see what you brought at Kensington?

  3. Thank you for letting us know on your blog page! I know what you mean saves time on emailing everyone! P.S I have posted your parcel yesterday by 2nd class post so should be with you in a couple of days! Hope you like :-)

  4. Good luck with sales! I'm sure you will do wonderfully, your work is absolutely beautiful :) !!!


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