Friday, 6 February 2009

Yum Yum Bubble Gum

Here's some of my mini sweets today, an incomplete sewing basket and Stir It Up still with no legs.
I need to do the cottons for the basket and add some other interesting bits to bulk it out (perhaps some zip packets would look great). Stir it up will probably go back on my ledge with no legs by night time and the sweets and more that i need to jar up should be finished.
Not having a great week, not completeing anything unlike last (but thats another tale for another day). On Monday i had such plans, wrote a list, believed i would stick to the list and promised myself i would get everything done. Have thrown the list away having decided i work better without them!
So glad all the slushy snow has melted, no more slipping and no more worrying everytime my children ride their bikes to school and college. It's been like sheets of ice everywhere and even though i'd clear our path and step still i would slip... lol.
Oh well, here's to a better start to next week, the ironing done, a chef i can put away after he's cooked tea and a husband that doesn't snore!


  1. Way to go Nikki.. You've made loads. I like little stir it up. Can't wait to see him finished..

  2. Stir It Up wants his legs! Be very careful Nikki! He looks as if he would come after you if he could walk.....Is he going to have a lid or are you putting something inside? Just curious...

  3. Stir It Up is coming along so nicely! I'm looking forward to seeing how he continues to develop. I'm very curious about your jars, Nikki. Do you make them yourself? The actual jars, that is. They all look so uniform and perfect!

  4. Hi Justice.
    This was what i wote in an earlier comment about the glass items. Hope it is of help to you.
    Shall pop over and have a nose at your blog
    Nikki x

    I buy my glass from a variety of places. Some of it is from fairs, ray storey glass, ebay and my friend Debbie who's friends make it. If you're interested in the glass get in touch with Debbie of tiny treasures that also follows my blog. I'm not sure if i can say the suppliers name but Debbie will help you if she can.
    Use my links to find Ray Storey and once on his site go to the lab section. He does all the mad scientist glass items too.
    I think rather than ebay uk is better for miniature glass because there is more choice.
    Hope that was of some help.
    Nikki x

  5. Hi Casey. He's not having a lid and can't decide as yet what to fill him with. He will eventually look like cast iron (hopefully) but with a few spashes of colour here and there on his face. Just can't get the paint right hence why he's still a mess.
    Need to make a spoon too.
    I'm off to sort his legs now... must be done!

  6. How do you manage to find the time to create so much fab work?????? Looking great as always. Keep warm in this snow!


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