Thursday, 5 February 2009

Making sweets!

I'm making sweets today because i'm in the mood for them. It's not a great picture because the lighting is bad.
On my list today are: magic wands, nauseous nougat, tongue-tied toffee, lucky toffee, super sours, Worm bubblegum, rhubarb grumbles, bullseyes, levitating liquorice, eye stoppers, goblin stoppers and anything else i find the time for. Can't show you all of them because they are baking in the oven.
Stir It Up is resting at the moment. I shall try and work on him tomorrow. I need to think about what his legs should look like. Although i have painted him all black ready to age him, rust up a little and then think of what to put inside so he can have his spoon always at the ready.

I received this award from Casey at Casey's Mini's today. Thank you ever so much! what a fabulous award and much appreciated.
Casey was given this award by Rosanna's blog La Stanza di Giuggiola. From what i can tell from caseys and debbies blog it means your hand in my hand, like a token of friendship.
So i pass this onto Kat because she was my first ever miniature friend and together we must have spent hours typing away to each other, giving each other hints and tips and she never lets me down. Plus she makes me laugh, never really moans and i love her little parcels of feathers, beads and thoughtful little items i can use for my work. Not because they are parcels and i'm greedy but because she doesnt have to send them but does so out of kindness. So thank you Kat.
Plus kat loves everything i like, and i adore everyhting she likes. What i also like about kat is the way she get excited about things and i dont know anyone else quite so much like me.


  1. Blimey Nikki you've been busy..

  2. Now you have me craving for licorice...

    Where do you get your lovely glass from? I've been admiring those for a while now.

  3. Hi Susanna.
    I buy my glass from a variety of places. Some of it is from fairs, ray storey glass, ebay and my friend Debbie who's friends make it. If you're interested in the glass get in touch with Debbie of tiny treasures that also follows my blog. I'm not sure if i can say the suppliers name but Debbie will help you if she can.
    Use my links to find Ray Storey and once on his site go to the lab section. He does all the mad scientist glass items too.
    I think rather than ebay uk is better for miniature glass because there is more choice.
    Hope that was of some help.
    Nikki x


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