Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Thanks yet again to Debbie!

Debbie has yet again rescued me. Today she totally sorted out this blog for me, tidied the side bar images and spruced it up with a fab clock.  It's something that's bugged me for ages not having it all quite right, so thank you once again Debbie. She tells me it's all ever so simple to do yet i still couldnt do it. Is there anything this lady can't do.  Promise i will also try not to do all my typing and spelling errors from now on, but if i havn't got my glasses then i'm afraid i'll fail... lol

MANDRAKE NEWS - The leaves kept breaking all afternoon and have tried every possible clay to stop this happening. I didn't want to have to use wire because it would limit the shapes i want to create. Anyway a little while back i used sculpey mould maker and this stuff is hard to break even though it stays flexible. Its also quite sticky if over worked and so thought it was out of the question. So i've ran several tests and discovered that if you mix it into your green polymer clay mix there will be no more breaks and the leaves are a little flexi. I would say the ratio to use would be 5-1 with 5 being polymer and 1 being the sculpey mould maker, but maybe you could use less for less delicate items. It can get a bit sticky but you can use corn starch or talc to stop it sticking to your fingers.

Back maybe this evening or tomorrow with an update.

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  1. Your very welcome Nikki. Glad I could help. x


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