Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Meet the Mandrakes!

Here's my mandrakes so far. These are my first 4 and in the min shall go and make their leaves. If they turn out well i'll make loads with all that clay i mixed yesterday.

Going to be making some babies too that are being potted and lots of other variations in trays and on crumpled neswpapers, with roots etc.

I sat infront of the mirror this morning to observe the lines created on a face with different expressions, and yes i know that's slightly mad but needs must! Wouldn't be so bad if i'd have  brushed my hair and wasn't loooking a state already.  

Photo's not brilliant... the dirty lines are not showing

Off to make leaves.


  1. They've come out really well Nikki. Will ring you later..


Thank you for your comment xxx