Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Stir It Up... Legless!!!

Stir it up is in desperate need of some legs for getting about. As you can see he's a little bit more frightening today with his fangs and is starting to come together quite well!
This is the first time i have ever sculpted a face and so he has gone through quite a lot of scraping bits off, adding bits on, then taking them off. Plus he's sick of being prodded and poked with all manner of tools. He's had coats of paint, coats of pva and is now getting quite fed up waiting for his legs and all this chopping and changing. I'll add his legs tomorrow because i'm ever so tired after a very busy day.
Can anybody advise me what would be best to make his legs out of before i apply the paperclay. The wire i have is hard to work with and probably too thick, but i do have some florists wire and always plenty of sticks.
He's sitting on top of shriveled skull jars i made recently (just so i could show them to Debbie) and seems to blend in quite well with all my other miniatures.
As with anything new it takes time to learn and as you are all probably aware by now i start lots of things and never finish them when i say i will. They all sit in a line waiting for me, while i just wish there were more hours in the day. But at least i'm trying out lots of new materials and having fun experimenting and eventually they are all completed.
Off to bed... it's so very late!!!


  1. He's looking wonderful Nikki.. Like those little Jars he's sitting on. Brilliant.

  2. He's kind of cute :-D. Love the shriveled skull jars tee hee!

  3. P.s thank you for the link to The Cure lovesong! I love Robert Smith and 'Love song' is one of me and my hubby's songs xx

  4. Glad you like it Kat. It's one of my fave songs
    and will put some other on when i find them.

  5. Hola me encanta. Perdona no escribo en ingles. Estoy deseando ver mas y mas cosas


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