Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow and not a duck in sight.

The ducks, swans and geese were no where to be seen today. I wonder where they go when their lake is half frozen?
The picture is Niall my son and his friend Jack who both came home early from school today. Nialls face is hidden because he was trying to keep warm. I had to treck all the way along this lake to take home another little boy that somehow didn't manage to go home after school.
Gosh it was cold but being organised i took a flask of coffee with me for warmth.
As you can just about see the snow is whirling everywhere and although i love snow was so happy to get home again!


  1. At least the Kids are all enjoying the Snow..

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  3. Hope you all have fun in the snow! My little dog Pickle got very excited today and tried to catch all the snowflakes as they came down. Kept him busy. I also got sent home 15 mins early from work hurrah! Kat the hat lady xx

    P.s removed previous comment because of terrible spelling!!!!


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