Thursday, 12 February 2009

Plump mandrake and the gang!

Meet the plump mandrake and all the other new ones i made this evening. Wait until you see the back of Mr Plump. He has a dimpled bottom so is quite funny. I'll not show you until his pot is done alongside his leaves.
My favourite today though is the one thats holding the sides of his pot and once finished will make it look like he is refusing to be pulled out.
Tomorrow i'll work on smaller ones because want to have small, medium and big so they look more interesting when grouped together. May also make some tiny ones just showing through the soil in trays, and perhaps make a set of twins. Going to go mad with the leaves on a few, so they look like they're having a bad hair day.
The possibilities are endless!
Can you see that lump of clay behind? Well, not stopping until it's all gone.
My only problem is time and wish i could just be left alone to get on with what i couldn't be happier making. Only had 2 hours to work today which is so frustrating. Plus the snow has just fallen again so looks like a day of happy children tomorrow and lots of drying clothes. I do love snow but why can't it fall when i have the time to play.
Today i lost the green clay for the leaves and searched everywhere including the bin. I forgot i'd popped the tray in the freezer because its easier to cut chilled clay. This was discovered when i was cooking tea, so hurray for tea!


  1. LOLOLOL I loooooove the Gang !!! Very well done Nikki !!more! more! more!

  2. Nikki they look brilliant.. Can't wait to see them all finished.

  3. I want one! :-D how cool are they! Are you selling them? Sorry if you have mentioned this bit of information on your blog just popped in for quick look as I should be doing the washing ha ha!

  4. Hi Kat. Yes, going to sell them. They may not be ready for sunday and if not then will list them one evening during the week. I will also be making more after that so everyone gets to buy them. Plan on making 50ish in total.
    Have a few more suprises with the mandrake theme but not showing until i am sure they work.
    Off to paint them now... Nikki x

  5. Oh that's Wicked! I would love one or two to put in my Witches kitchen. Mind you I have been thinking of doing a Witches green house ha ha ha! Good excuse! Mind you I seem to have many projects on the go and I don't think I am ever going to finish any of them. Still it's the fun of it ha ha! Keep up the good work and let me know when you list them. Lol Kat


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