Sunday, 15 February 2009

Mandrakes... almost done!

Gosh, what a terrible week and still not finished. Not had hardly any time at all so i'll now list these tomorrow on ebay around 9 PM Monday. Only managed an hour or two here and there and yes could scream along with all the mandrakes. One of my friends has named me Mummy Mandrake which is great, but i do prefer Nikki Witch if i'm honest. I was always called Nikki witch by my nephews and neices because all i ever wore was black, along with black hair, black jewellery and all the other goth gear. Now i dress with a bit of normality i'm plain and simple Nikki which is sad in my view. Oh well, slightly rambling here.
Very strange but i see people i know in their faces, some film stars, one chef on the tv (the plump one - chef that is) and the third one along at the back reminds me of this girl that lived next door ages ago. and was always bossing her brother about. Honestly she did look like that!
Anyway, just got to put the moss and soil in (won't take long), then glue them in place and when dry then put on the leaves and their mad hair.
Can you see the two little mandrake skin books? Need to tidy them up a bit , glue all the pages down and make a little bit more dirty.
Oh yes, can you also see the two little ones on the right still not done. Well, they are the twins and making them for my friend Kat to plant in her garden, hence why there is no pot.
Next week, shall be making cauldrons with faces. No arms though because i don't want to see arms for a little while. Hopefully will also be making some more mandrakes towards the end of the week too. Plus some wonderful food ideas i have in my mind. I can see them there, can see too many images also but i reckon they will turn out well.

Must dash, dinner to cook and still not washed up from yesterday, so Lord only knows when we can eat again. Plus my house is such a tip, and nobody gives a damn so looks like i'm going to have a fabulous day scrubbing, ironing, cooking, washing, etc etc and lots of moaning thrown in for good measure!


  1. Nikki they look fantastic. Also Love the Little Books..

  2. Hi Daisy. Yes they are polymer clay, wire and paperclay on the fingers.
    The tiny pots are polymer also and handmade by myself. The larger pots are ceramic which i've made smaller and stained.
    Using dried tea for the compots and scenic scatter for the moss which wil be aroud te edges.
    They are painted wth acrylics and water colours.
    Hope that was of some help... Nikki x

  3. Thank you Nikki, the twins look fab xxx I'll have to think of what to call them? Debbie made me a fab cabbage with fangs and he is called Clive ha ha ha!
    Seriously your work is looking fantastic as always. xxxxxxxx

  4. Hi Kat. Dont look too close at the twins. They need to have all their little lines put on and shapes for eyes etc. They sit together and have arms that go round each other.
    Making some two headed ones soon... well thats the plan.
    You should see them in the pots... not showing until they are totally complete now.
    Nikki x

  5. Beautiful, weird but beautiful

  6. Love all the mandrakes...There so much fun! Each one has it's own personality!! So neat!


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