Saturday, 21 February 2009

Over the edge.

I have tried several things to make the balls stick to the sides. In the end as a last attempt i have used super glue which worked well.
Start to stick balls all over the sides so it looks like the brew is bubblng over. To do this i used a cocktail stick which i poked into a pudle of super glue, made a tiny dot on the cauldron side and stuck each ball on.
Once you have done this all the way round, we can move back onto using liquid fimo in preparation for the final coat of varnish and your finishe cauldron.
At the moment with the bad lighting it's not looking too great but i promise by this time tomorrow evening i'll post a wonderful complete miniature.

Back in a while with the next stage. I need to work on the back of the cauldron now and stick more balls. It's quite a slow process so play some nice music while you work.

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