Sunday, 22 February 2009

Filling in and sorting those bubbles!

As you can see i have now glued the glass balls all the way around the edge. At the moment they just look like stuck on balls but once we have painted them with the coloured liquid fimo i made earlier they will start to look wonderful.
Tip your cauldron upside down and start to dab all the way around with your small brush and the coloured liquid fimo. Work it into where the balls meet the caulron so that it looks like the liquid is stuck to the cauldron and not just the balls. KEEP THE CAULDRON UPSIDE DOWN AS YOU BAKE. This is because you dont want the liquid fimo to run down to the bottom of the pot and spoil all you work. Don't make this too thick though or it will run too much the other way and spoil the top of your cauldron.
Work this all the way around and do a 10 min quick bake again.
Once back out of the oven and cooled do this again all the way around the edge, then bake for 5 mins. Doing this will also make sure the balls dont fall off. Even though we super glued them earlier they were still quite fragile at that point.

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