Saturday, 21 February 2009

Final Stages for cauldron.

Using raw umber paint do the same as before with the dry brushing. Don't cover the whole cauldron and work on the base and the handles and build up further shade. Try to make it represent a burnished pan. Picture above

Once the above was finished (picture below) i still wasn't happy with the surface and decided i needed some white paint. I dipped the brush in the white paint and rubbed and rubbed onto paper until there just the slightest amount of paint left on the bristles. Then i gently ticked the entire pot to enhance its appearance further. You wouldnt know it was white and looks a bit like a pot cooked on an open fire. I then diped in the white again, rubbed the paint of and worked on the bottom part to build up a little further shade.

The pot is now complete and ready for filling but you can of course leave it empty. I'm hoping to fill mine with a bubbling mix that spills over. My friend Debbie made one of thee a few weeks ago so best check with her first if this is ok for me to do.


  1. Looks brilliant Nikki, of course you can do a bubbling cauldron. Looking forward to seeing the end result.

  2. Love the tickling part.. LOL


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