Saturday, 21 February 2009

Filling the Cauldron.

My Friend Debbie has said its ok for me to use her idea of a bubbling cauldron. Go over and check out her fab blog called Tiny Treasures. If you look at the picture the glass balls most towards the front are what Debbie sent to me for my work. I do have more left in a bag. She's ever so kind.
Anyway, so now we are going to fill the cauldron with a green bubbling mix.
For this you will need: Liquid fimo, any colour polymer clay, tiny glass balls (various sizes if you have them), green, dark blue and brown oil paint, cocktails sticks (i think), paint brush, small ceramic mixing bowl, and of course your cauldron.
Just to make you laugh before we move on. When i cleared up after the final stage i chucked out £50 while in a rush (i do everything in a hurry). So i've just been right through the most yucky bin ever and found it at the bottom... totally yuck... lol.

First of all fill up your cauldron with fimo (as shown in the picture above) leaving enough room for a thick layer of glass balls and liquid fimo mix. You don't have to bake this yet and can do so after the next stage.

To make a coloured liquid fimo use oil paints (picture below). I'm making a green bubbling mix but you can do any colour you like. You can pick up cheap oil paints in discount shops.
Using a cermaic bowl mix your chosen colour into the liquid fimo with a paint brush. Add the oil paint slowly because i little goes a long way. To make my green i've used 3 different greens, some blue to darken it and then brown so its not so bright. Keep adding and mixing until you are happy with the colour.


  1. It's all getting very exciting now...

  2. Debbie.. lol. Thats if i dont fall asleep,,, starting to get bored. I have a short attention span. Well, i'm not bored but know i should be ironing patricks rugby kit and his smart rugby suit. Thats if i have washed it.
    I'm a rubbish wife and housewife/person.


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