Friday, 30 January 2009

Pics of new work!

Here's some pictures of recent work. My photography skills are not great but hope you enjoy looking at them. My favourite is the shelf.


  1. Have to say Nikki, I'm loving the Bottles of Blood.. I must have been a vampire in a previous life.. LOL

  2. Lol. Don't forget to tell me the names you want on each label. xxx

  3. Love your new work as always Nikki. Had to purchase your Goblin brains ha ha ha!
    Thank you for plugging my little hats very kind of you xx. Love the the way you have photographed them with the spooky caption fantastic! Also thank you for your help on making things out of fimo I have managed to make some eggs at last. Will add them to my blog this week. Keep up the good work lol xxxx


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