Thursday, 8 January 2009

Oops to my last blog!

Oops to my last blog! I hit the wrong keys and posted without any content.
I was meant to say Hi to Justice for joining my blog today. I was looking at your profile and noticed one of you favourite books is The Little Prince. Oh how i love this book and must have read it 50 plus times. I know it's meant to be a child's classic, yet i urge every adult to read it too!
Being as mad as i am i never read it in my head but speak out loud with every page. Drives my husband mad especially if he is trying to sleep... lol.
I watched a tv productuion for this book and i knew all the words, but my favourite is when the little prince meets the fox and harps on and on about his rose alone on his planet. How i cry at the end of this book you would laugh at.
Loved you blog and will now go an add it to my followed list.
Hi to all my other new followers and love all your blogs! Got to stop reading them because i'm getting nothing done.
Nikki x


  1. Aw, thanks! I can't tell you how many times I've bought The Little Prince (I give my copy away all the time!) There's something so wonderful and human about that story - I think it might be a prerequisite for really claiming to be human as I think it gives people a something we're walking around without. :) I know what you mean about reading it aloud! It's just one of those books that should be read aloud, with or without an audience! I think it's a book for children when children read it, and a book for adults when adults read it. Oh, and how it makes me cry! Have you read The Last Unicorn?

  2. Hi Justice. No, not read it. I'll have a look for it next time i'm at the book shop.
    I've only ever bought the little prince three times in total and gave the first two away.
    Love you blog by the way and as always love discovering new links to other work.
    Your graves look fab. The details are brilliant!
    Nikki x


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