Tuesday, 6 January 2009

My Witch and Wizard Shop - Half done as usual!

Many of the people that buy my miniatures ask if i have my own house. Well, this is my first ever house that i started building a year ago. It's going to be a country style shop for witch's, wizards and magical people. It's plain and simple at the moment and lacking in colour, but once i age the building more and add creeping plants and moss, alongside all the contents i'm sure it will be a vibrant little shop. The main structure was built using scrap wood and other materials.
The wooden floor boards were made from thin strips of balsa wood, but before i laid these i cut to shape and rounded of the edges to give a worn look. The walls are quite dirty and stained (sadly not showing in photo) and then i have added moss all around the building so it looks damp and mouldy. The paving on the outside will be aged further with little bits of weeds growing here and there, plus will also use moss in the cracks and crevices. So quite a lot of character still needs to be added. Once complete i'll add some nice wood around the edge.
The inside of the shop will sell potions, food and sweets alongside newspapers, wands, hats and anything magical. On the outside under the roof to the right will be hanging animals gutted and prepared, not forgetting to add starnge hanging items such as gutted rats, crocodile legs and the like. Under the hanging creatures wil be weird and wonderful fruit and veg just perfect for the needs of a witch/wizard. On the left under the roof i'm thinking of having lots of dried hanging herbs, cauldrons of various shapes and sizes, brooms, wood for fires (coal too) and anything else i think of. Here and there scattered all around will be lots of potted plants perfect for potions or growing your own at home. Also need to make a shop sign. Not sure yet but i may make a false front with a window and door that can be removed for displaying the contents.
Mind you, i've now started my witches house, and because i also make miniatures for sale i think my progress will be slow. Talking of work, best go and do some!


  1. Nikki, I love it, can just imagine it filled with all of your wonderful creations..Mini Hugs


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