Saturday, 17 January 2009

Next Stage of Fireplace.

This is the next stage for one of the firplaces i showed yesterday. I've made a brick back for inside the fireplace. I've done this on card which will be glued in place but before it's glued i shall fill all the gaps and age with soot. The stone work will be texturised and painted grey before its aged slightly and again made dirty with soot on the inside. I covered all the areas showing as stone work with pearl paper clay. Before i used this i used pva to ensure it would stick well.
Note the lumpy bit at the top. This will be sanded down before i show you the next stage. I've had to make an easily sanded top from paper clay so that when it arrives with the buyer he can sand it perfectly to fit his room height and go right to the ceiling. Which is why at this stage it looks rather odd. Promise the lump will be gone with my next posting!
I've marked the areas between the stones with pen for you to see clearly what the stonework pattern will be like. This will all be covered later.
Have a look back in older posts and find the pentacle witches floor so you can have a basic idea what the stone work will look like. But the stonework for this will be lighter.
Bye for now... busy day with washing, cooking, kids and housework. May even brush my hair today... lol

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  1. Hi Nikki,
    The fireplace looks great so far, looking forward to seeing it finished..


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