Friday, 16 January 2009

hUmBLe BeGiNnInGs!

Here are the 3 firplaces i've built the bases for today. Two of which are already sold as commissions.
If you look at the bottom picture you can see my ever so rough painting just to get a picture of what they will look like. The perspective is making it look biggger than it should against the scaled background, but again it was just to see it in a sort of setting. Ignore the oversized image.
Sometimes when you're unsure what something will look like in your room a good idea is to draw your item in perspective and stick to your dolls house walls then stand back and have a good think if any alterations are needed.
Another good idea is to take a photo of your room and then print off onto A4 paper. Print off several and then sketch the images into your room
The first fireplace will be mostly stone and brick with a wooden mantle. Will be in creamy colours and slightly aged.
The second will be totally stone and will have fancy details added.
The third will be rustic and look like a rendered fireplace with a worn and battered wooden mantle. With this third one i shall add potion and other related with items.
Going to be using paper clay for this and have opted for pearl paperclay, which has proven to be the strongest paper clay around (in my opinion).
Hope you like the start and i should have some new photos by next week to show you the progress.


  1. Well done Nikki, you seem to have got loads more done then me today. Can't wait to see them finished.. x


Thank you for your comment xxx