Saturday, 24 January 2009

Here's some little sewing baskets i'm making at the moment. I need to still make some knitting needles and going to make them look like bones, which will be just perfect for a witch.
The buttons need to be added to the button card and i've put some little needles on the needle card already. Somehow need to think up a way to make a little tub of pins so any suggestions are welcome.
Any other suggestion for what i could put in are also welcome because i'm running out of ideas.
It all needs to look suitable for a witch though.
Well off to make those boring beds. Had loads of energy today and i've even cleaned the garage.
Got my husband doing the ironing now but only shirts and t-shirts. Dare not give him trousers. Mind you i won't give him any of my clothes and just his and the boys are ok. He's extra happy because his new sky controller arrived after somebody hiding or chucking out the old one. He just can't be without it and has driven me mad for two weeks searching everywhere.
Well that was dull wasn't it... lol

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  1. Nikki what about the very fine wire to make your pins (fuse wire?) Or a little pumpkin pin cushion.
    But have to say they look really good already..


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