Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Fireplace Update.

Here is the fireplaces so far. Note one of them is now missing from the picture. I've decided i'm going to make a diorama with this one and will post pictures of it once complete. Plus note from the previous fireplace blog i have now changed the colour scheme and had a swap around with mantles.
All of the fireplaces have been covered with paper clay, the backs have been added and the bricks on the inside of one. The one without the brick will be one sheet of stone. Also i grouted inbetween the bricks and just used pv mixed with grey and brown acrylic paint and polyfilla.
After covering each part of the fireplace with paper clay i waited for them to dry and gave a little sand here and there where needed. Also at this stage i checked all the cracks were nice and deep in preparation for the final stage. Some of the cracks i had to scrape out a little further with a pointed tool.
Once everything was looking good i glued all the bits together, but prior to this i made a hole on the back of each chimney breast just above the mantle at the back so i can add a chain in the final stages. This will be so i can hang a cauldron above hot coals.
Because i want each firplace to sit nice and staright againts a wall i left each to dry flat on a level surface.
Once dry i checked everything was nice and flat, filled any little gaps where each part joins and then sanded these bits once dry. plus making sure all the cracks are still nice and deep.
If you want to light up a fireplace then i suggest before you do all the above make a little hole in the back just behind where you logs/coals would fit and cut out groves where your wires will need to be fitted on the back. amke sure you dont cover these.
Both fireplace then had a watered down mix of pva glue with black, brown and white acrylic paint (to make a suitable grey). I mixed this into polyfilla and gave a light coat over all the stone surfaces. Again make sure all the cracks are nice and deep and dont fill them too much.
I'm now onto painting these with the final coat of paint which is the same grey as showing here. Its a watered down mix just like above and i've found that polyfilla doesn't crack as long as you make sure you use an equal amount of pva. I'm also going to make the insides look nice and dirty today with soot and grime and then add the chains from the back. Will also be making the stones look real and filling all the cracks so they look dirty and worn.
The wooden mantle i'm leaving until last so i can clean it up, sand where needed and then make look like dark wood. You can use wood stains for this or an antique varnish but i prefer using acrylics and giving it two coats before a light sand and then rubbing here and there so it looks worn.
Looks like tis taking quite a lot of time but in reality its quite quick. What does take the time is waiting for everything to dry so you can move onto the next stage.
Hope you are enjoying this so far and will have this finished in the next few days. Then we can moce onto the coals and setting up a base for your light fitting to sit under the coals. Going to use liquid fimo for this because it will dry semi clear allowing the light to shine through. This wont be seen because the coals or logs will cover it.
Off now to have a bath and finally brush my hair. Too scared to hoover because have so many parcels that should arrive today and don't want to miss the postman. I bet she/he come while i'm in the bath. Typical!


  1. They are looking fab! You are so clever cannot wait to see them finished. I want one ha ha ha! xxx

  2. Nikki there looking great. Looking forward to seeing them finished.. Looks like your need to make another one cause Kat wants one.. LOL


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