Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Blog Award! For best alternative miniatures.

Now. as you all are aware i love witches and wizards alongside spooky, halloween, haunted, gothic, fairy and a never ending list of alternative miniatures And so i decided to create my own award today and present to my favourite blogs. This award is for imagintaion and for those showing skill with their work that we can only stand back and admire. When given this award you can pass this on to any other blogger when you see such work and you dont have to send a specific number. You can send hundreds or one once a week. Its up to you! Keep sending it for as long as you run your blog.
There are wonderful miniature artists out there and they need to be appreciated for the long hours they put in. Often up all night with unbrushed hair, and still wearing their pyjamas from the day before because they didnt have time to wash and change. Now i know that applies to me and i must be congratulated for the lack of vanity i now have. No longer do i yearn to look good, but instead want my miniatures to look be the best i can achieve.
So if you get this award then also give to people you think are doing their best creating miniatures such as above and putting in 100% effort.

Ok here is my list so far:

Kat the Hat - for her beautiful creative hats which are mostly OOAK and just treasures to own.
Debbie of Tinytreasures for everything she does that involves her harry potter shops - Brilliant!
Gail Lackey Ghosties, Fiaries and other magical things - just genius!
Enchanted Productions by Joyce Stahl - simply to die for!
Eva - for her wonderful fairy garden and attention to detail - love the picnic scene!
Misty's Creations for her out of this world dragon sculpture - wish i could do that!

All of these wonderful artists can be found either as my followers or in the blogs that i follow.
Will go and email each and every one of you.

Hope you like your awards! More awards soon!

Say HELLO to Kat the Hat that follows this blog when you have time. I also follow her blog and she makes wonderful creative hats for witches, wizards and regualar dolls.
She is still learning (much like me) how to get everything sorted with blogging and much like me may need help from time to time. I know she is trying to work out how to make the page have nice edges like mine and because i have forgotten what i did then would be great if anyone can offer advice.

Help needed: If anyone out there can create a better picture for me rather than the one i have made then please do so. If you are kind enough to do so we can delete this one and add a better version. It justs needs to be something like above but has to be dirty looking, rustic, worn etc and that type of thing. Much appreciated if you can help


  1. Hi Everyone lol Kat xxx Thank you Nikki for mentioning me and the award I feel like a film star at The Oscars. I like to thank my agent........ :-D

  2. LOL just read Kat's comment....
    Thank you for the award Nikki, your such a clever girl.. xxx

  3. Wow!! I have the luxury of belonging to the group of the first awardwinners. And I hope to be deserving of the prize a lot of time. A million of thanks Nikki because it supposes a challenge for me. :-)

  4. Nikki,
    Thank you so much for this awesome award. It means so much when other artists enjoy your work. Every one is so nice and wonderfully talented. It makes me not want to do the dishes...I want to mess with my clay, the dishes are stacking up! You are all so inspiring.
    I see the awards on people's blogs but know nothing about them. Please educate me on the subject! I'm sort of new to blogging.Thank you again, Misty

  5. Hi Misty. I am much the same and have only been blogging since new year.
    I just decided i wanted to create my own award when i see other work that i love. Lots of people make an award to present to people and although my graphic computer skills are minimal i wanted people to know i appreciated their work with the image i created. So i made it yesterday and picked my favoutrites.
    Nikki x

  6. Hi Nikki!

    Sorry I'm a bit late at popping over to see you, but thank you so much for this award and for your kind words about my work! Personally....I think the award looks great! I love the bats and the spooky tree...and the word 'Wicked' is such a nice touch! You did a SpOOktAcuLar job...I wouldn't even know where to begin! My computer skills are sorely lacking! I really appreciate this and I'll get this posted as soon as possible!

    Thanks again!
    Enchanted Blessings!


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