Thursday, 22 January 2009


A selection of my work
Yes i know it's late and perhaps should be sleeping yet wanted to go and have a play around again at photobucket. So i did, and this is what i created. I reckon i'm getting better and quite happy with the results.
If you are like me and can never do things such as this to your pictures go and have a go. It really is quite simple once you get the hang of it, plus i learn something new each time.
Anyway, thought i would show you all a selection of my past and sold work.
My favourite is the Skel-Grow potion board on real slate with tiny little bones, eyes, dragon heart strings, forget the name of the little insect spikes (well it is late), and of course tags, labels and a run of the mill cauldron that i sanded, painted again and aged slightly alongside the new rusty handle.
Also loved the knife rack but luckily it went to a good home. It's quite missed!
Off to bed. I must be mad!


  1. Wow Nikki!

    Those are amazing! And very, very cool!

    Enchanted Blessings,


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