Sunday, 15 June 2014

Vanished for some time!

Vanishing from here seems to be what i do quite often. However i have not stopped making miniatures. 
For some time iniatially during my vanishing i worked on miniatures for myself, and will share in a future post. For the last couple of months i have been working on a few commissions and enjoying the work. I can see a difference in my work and an improvement which always pleases me. I always think its good to never be satisfied and always want to to better. 
I do plan to open a shop at some point and make my work availavle again. But for now just working at my own pace.
Also for quite a large chunk of last year... i think the whole summer and part of autumn i suffered with shingles and so didnt do much for months. I was so tired. Hope i never get shingles again!
Im not sure how often i will blog. Ive noticed a lot of miniature people have a preference for facebook and communicating that way. I prefer it too and hopefully will continue with my witch and wizard page there at some point. But for now i just use my private fb.
Here is a selection of finished and work in progress miniatures from the last few months. 


  1. Hi nikki, great to see you back, I've missed your quirky individual pieces. I really hope you keep up the blog.

  2. Nice to see someone blogging again. Miniature folk seem to have stopped doing this altogether and I rather miss it. (Though I am certainly in no position to throw stones as I haven't put a thing on my blog in eons...). Interesting work you've been doing lately ... love the fantasy plants.

  3. You are missed in blogland! I am not as happy with facebook... I find it too hard to follow... too much clutter... but it is Great to know you are still making minis! A talent like yours shouldn't go to waste! I am glad you are better and are working away at beautiful minis!


Thank you for your comment xxx